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Nordgreen Puts Denmark Into the Spotlight of Clockmaking Craftmanship

Europe has always been the epitome of clockmaking, ever since Rolex established itself as the frontrunner of luxury watches. But Swiss have a tough competition coming from a country that has always been known for their great craftsmen: Denmark. Nordgreen, a high-quality watch manufacturer, was established just in 2017 but...
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Supplements Just Don't Cut It in Comparison to Real Food, Says Research

Amidst the wild world of multivitamins and nutrition supplements, it can seem as if there's really no need to ever eat another broccoli or carrot again. Why bother eating vegetables, if all you need to hit your vitamin A level is popping a couple of pills, right? Wrong. A new...


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Wearing Makeup Isn't Bad, but Do It the Wrong Way and You'll Ruin Your Skin Completely (or Even Permanently)

Smart marketing campaigns, beautiful packaging and branding, and gorgeous cover girls drive millions of women to cover their skin in makeup day in and day out. It’s supposed to make you glow and feel like your best and most beautiful self. But is all this makeup ruining your skin in...
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Reader's Opinion: Why Holding Back in the Bedroom Is NOT the New Sex Thing for Following

You might have heard of a new crazy sex trend that is spreading like a wildfire among everyone who is eager to have some NYC "Sex and The City" style life. Don't worry if you haven't caught the crazy sex-trend train yet as we are opening your eyes a...


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Beauty Comes from Within: What to Do If You Don't Feel Beautiful

There’s a difference between when you are beautiful and when you feel beautiful. And to be honest, you’re probably more interested in feeling beautiful than being beautiful. But what happens when you don’t feel like a goddess? It’s not a fun place to be. You feel low, uninspired and not...
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9 Ways India Is Actually an Oasis Amidst Clutter

India faces many social issues. Rising unemployment rates, corruption, crime, environmental concerns and extreme poverty are only some of the big problems India must overcome. These social issues give India a bad reputation and prevent us from seeing the many vibrant and inspiring things about India’s rich culture. But despite...
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