4 Vitamins That Will Help You Improve Your Skin And Overall Health

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The most famous of micronutrients- vitamins – are a much-needed part of every person’s diet and should be taken in such a way as not to hurt the organism, but to make it healthier, stronger, and more beautiful.

There are many ways one can do that, either by having a steady and varied diet that has been calculated to have enough micro and macronutrients in it or by going the modern way – and adding supplements to an already established diet, so that there is no need to change it radically. 

Vitamin C

The most well-known vitamin, this hydrosoluble organic compound, also known as ascorbic acid, is one that used to be very difficult to get throughout history, being restricted to only fresh plants and some types of exotic fruit in the past.

Luckily, with the discoveries of Albert Szent-Gyorgy, we can happily find extracted vitamin C wherever in the world. 

The vitamin plays an important role in the production of collagen as well as maintaining healthy bones and cartilage. It also helps with wound healing and boosting your immune system. Therefore you should make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C from your daily diet or supplements. 

Vitamin D

Another contestant for a long-lasting dietary supplement, calciferol is a lipid-soluble compound that is naturally found in food such as fish, beef liver, and eggs.

But it can also be created in the human skin when exposed to sunlight, meaning some people don’t even need to intake it. However, living in the northern hemisphere, or just plain not going out much, might mean you don’t get enough exposure to sunlight and need to intake it orally. 

Vitamin D helps calcium absorption, directly leading to stronger bones and a stronger immune system.

And while it is preferable to intake it through food, there are more and more people who choose a vegan diet, meaning they would prefer to take in the form of pills that do not have anything to do with animals. 

Vitamin B12

This important vitamin is the centerpiece in maintaining a healthy nervous system, where the synthesis of myelin is its main function.

Sometimes also called cobalamin, it can be commercially found in the form of water-soluble tablets that can be added to any meal or taken on their own with a glass of water.


Also referred to as vitamin B7, this is a critical chemical needed for the proper development and functioning of most organisms.

Not only humans, but many other creatures as well, depend on biotin to utilize fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. Although the body manages such processes even without it, the whole ordeal is much more efficient when people have enough of the vitamin in them. 

Biotin has been proven to help with hair loss and that is one of the most attractive factors for its use today. As pressure to have a full head of hair has never been so high, people are searching for natural ways to help them with that. 


All the vitamins mentioned in this post are widely available online from many suppliers. Generally, most people are able to source a sufficient amount of vitamins from a balanced diet, however, for those who can’t, it is recommended to take extra supplements. If you’re looking for vitamins in Australia you could check out the online vendor Vitable who is able to deliver them straight to your door.

The pursuit of a healthy and beautiful body is a never-ending one, as age and just plain life make it wrinkled, scarred, and worn out. But with the help of modern medicine and proper nutrition – everyone can slow down the aging process and keep themselves healthy for as long as possible. 

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