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Before you start using the website www.zerxza.com (hereinafter – the website or Zerxza.com), we kindly ask you to get acquainted with these terms of use. When you start using the website, it is taken as a note of you agreeing to comply with these Terms. Please do not use the website before you haven’t read these terms. We care about our visitor’s privacy.


All questions and concerns regarding the performance of the website shall be sent to the following email address: zerxza@zerxza.com.

All of the information and recommendations published on the website shall be regarded as informative. Zerxza.com does not guarantee that the information contained on the website is always precise and complete. The website maintains the right to change, remove and amend the information contained in the website at any time without prior notice.

Intellectual property rights

This Website is provided for your personal and non-commercial use only. All content included in the Website, including but not limited to any text, graphics, images, logos, button icons, data compilations, software, audio and video (collectively, “Materials”), is the property of us or its content suppliers, and you may not distribute, exchange, modify, reproduce, perform, sell or transmit the Materials for any personal, business, commercial or public purposes.

The Materials are protected by applicable laws, including the USA and international copyright and trademark laws, and any unauthorized use of any Materials may violate copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any portion of the Website or any Materials without express written consent us. This prohibition shall not apply to cases when the content is kept in a computer or printed out exclusively for a personal use.

It is permitted to quote the content in compliance with the applicable law governing copyrights. If the content is quoted, its source must be indicated, but it is prohibited to reproduce, publish or distribute the trademarks or logotypes contained in this website without a prior written consent from the owner of these trademarks or logotypes.

If you wish to use the content of this website, republish its content or some elements, or carry out any other activity, please contact us. It is possible that we will be able to collaborate on mutually beneficial terms in future.


If Zerxza.com indicates textual links to websites of third parties, you fully assume risk with using such links, and Zerxza.com does not assume any liability for the content, use or availability of such websites. Zerxza.com has not verified truthfulness, accuracy, justification, credibility or completeness of any such websites.


Our website uses cookies to ensure a better performance. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of your device when you visit a website. That file contains information which is used to facilitate the use of the respective website.

There are two different types of cookies: the first type is called the persistent cookie which saves a file on the hard drive of your device for a certain time period. Such cookies are used to follow the visitor flow on the website and gather statistical data which will help us enhance the performance of the site (read more below).

Other cookies are called session cookies and these are saved only temporarily – until you are visiting the site. These cookies will be deleted once you finish work on our site or close your Internet browser.

Zerxza.com uses various cookies for analytical and marketing purposes or to manage certain functions of the website. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change the security settings of your Internet browser. You can choose not to allow the use of cookies and it will not impact the functionality of our website.

Here’s a guide on how to delete cookies in all the main browsers.

Your consent to use the cookies is stored for 12 months and is automatically deleted after that period, meaning you will be prompted to approve/disable our cookies again.

Personal data and information provided by users

Zerxza.com ensures the protection of the data of the website users in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the United States of America as Zerxza.com website is primarily targeted towards visitors from the United States of America. However, as we cannot control where our website visitors are from, we are taking all the necessary measures to protect EU citizens and their privacy while they are browsing our website.

Zerxza.com has carried out all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of user data and prevent an unjustified access by third parties to this data. Zerxza.com uses a safety certificate SSL and several safety mechanisms to avoid unauthorized access to the website and its contents.

The data you enter/submit via the website or the data you submit to Zerxza.com in another way is not disclosed to third parties. Data is disclosed to authorized third parties only when disclosing the data is required by the laws and regulations.

You must understand that data transmission online is not completely safe. We cannot guarantee a complete protection and safety of data; we only ensure all the reasonable measures to protect the information that is sent to us electronically and we have applied safety mechanisms to protect the site from unauthorized access.

Zerxza.com does not collect or store any personally identifiable data other than the ones specified in this policy. To use Zerxza.com website, you are not required to submit any personal data. You have the right to be forgotten and you can always delete and forbid the use of cookies. You have the right to require information about the data that’s being stored and processed about you. Forbidding the use of cookies will not affect your experience using the website in any way. 

You may submit comments or messages to Zerxza.com via corresponding functionalities (i.e. comment boxes, contact forms), but Zerxza.com will not collect, store or process this data in any way, other than to respond to you in regards to your message or comment. Your information will not be used in any other way and Zerxza.com will not use it in the future. The information sent to Zerxza.com by you will be deleted after 2 years of the submission.

Zerxza.com processes personally unidentifiable data such as which pages visitors have clicked on, how long they’ve stayed on the page, what’s their web browser and operating system. On the basis of this data, Zerxza.com will analyze the performance of the website to make improvements (for example, if we see there’s a significant amount of mobile visitors, we might decide to upgrade mobile functionality). We use the data only for statistical purposes and for improving the functionality and contents of our website.


Zerxza.com is in partnership with Google Analytics statistics platform which is owned by Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). Zerxza.com uses the data collected and processed by Google LLC to analyze how users interact with the website, so we could make improvements to the functionality and contents of our website (for example, Google Analytics collects data about the user’s device. We can see from Google Analytics how many of our visitors use mobile devices or desktop devices. If we see a significant amount of mobile device users, we may improve the functionality of mobile version so it would be easier for our mobile visitors to browse the content).

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google LLC (“Google”). Google utilizes the collected data to track and examine the use of this Website, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.

Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. E.g. you may see Google-powered ads that are related to the websites you’ve visited.
Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.
Place of processing : USA – Privacy PolicyOpt Out

All of the personally unidentifiable data seen and analyzed by Zerxza.com is collected and processed by Google LLC. This info may include:

  • the number of website views and page views;
  • how long the visitor stayed on the page;
  • which pages the visitor visited;
  • what operating system and the device is being used;
  • what is the visitor’s geographical region (e.g. USA, UK, Canada etc).

If you wish to delete or forbid the collection and processing of your data, please turn to Google. Here’s a guide on how to delete the data collected and processed by Google. To learn more about how Google processes your data, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy.

If you wish to opt out from Google using your data, you may forbid the use of Google Analytics by using this extension. As an alternative, you may also forbid the use of cookies in your browser settings. Data related to Google Analytics is stored for 14 months and will be deleted after that time period.

While browsing the internet, you may transmit your IP-address which under GDPR is considered to be personal data. To ensure the privacy of Zerxza.com website visitors, we have utilized an IP Anonymization feature which means that the last octet of the IP address is removed. This will be done before the processing of your data begins, to ensure your privacy and data protection.

Third party advertisers

Zerxza.com is also in collaboration with Amazon.com, Inc (Customer Service PO Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226), and utilizes cookies that enable Amazon.com, Inc. to see if visitors who have clicked on any Amazon ads or links via Zerxza.com website have made purchases via Amazon.com. Zerxza.com does not see any personal data related to the purchases. If you have any doubts on the personal data collected and processed by Amazon, please turn to Amazon.com, Inc. Amazon.com’s cookies are deleted within 24 hours of their placement.

Zerxza.com may utilize Amazon’s contextual ads which showcase products and services that the user may be interested of, based on the user’s previous activities in Amazon.com. The sole aim of these ads is to provide the user relevant and interesting content. Zerxza.com does not have any access to the user’s data related to Amazon.com and it’s services.

Please refer to Amazon.com’s Privacy Policy if you would like to know more about how Amazon processes user data and what data is being collected by Amazon.

Zerxza.com may collaborate with other third party advertisers or other companies who may pay us a commission for advertising their products/services. We never share any data with third parties. When you click on any affiliate links, we may earn a commission. That commission enables us to provide you free high-quality content. By clicking on the link, a tracking cookie is activated which enables the advertiser to see where the visitor came from and thus, they can see the number of sales received through links posted on our website. We do not have access to the information about who made purchases. We can only see the number of sales, date and time of the sale and the product which was bought but we can never find out who made that purchase. Such tracking cookies are deleted after 90 days of the cookie placement.

Google AdSense (Google)

Google AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google LLC. While visiting Zerxza.com website, you may see ads produced by Google LLC. This service uses the “Doubleclick” Cookie, which tracks use of this Website and User behavior concerning ads, products and services offered.

Users may decide to disable all the Doubleclick Cookies by clicking on: google.com/settings/ads/onweb/optout?hl=en.
Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.
Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy

Interaction with external social networks and platforms

The Website allows interaction with social networks or other external platforms directly from the pages of this Website (e.g. you may share the content to your social media accounts).
The interaction and information obtained by this Website are always subject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network. Please refer to the privacy policy of such social networks to learn more about how they use and store your data. Zerxza.com has no information about your interaction with social networks.

Google+ +1 button and social widgets (Google)

The Google+ +1 button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Google+ social network provided by Google Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy

Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook)

The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy

Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter)

The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy


Instagram social widgets and buttons allow interaction with the Instagram social network, provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing : Ireland – Privacy Policy


Tumblr social widgets and buttons allow interaction with the Tumblr social network, provided by Tumblr Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy


Pinterest social widgets and buttons allow interaction with the Pinterest social network, provided by Pinterest, Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data.

Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Commenting at Zerxza.com

Zerxza.com utilizes Disqus commenting platform in order for our readers to have the option to express their thoughts related to the topic on hand. Before commenting, read the terms of service of Disqus.

Zerxza.com does not allow advertisement in the comment section. Advertisement is deemed to be:

  • linking to external services, sites and anything else that isn’t Zerxza.com;
  • promotional text, brand mentions and any other texts that promote a service/company/brand/site;
  • any other form of advertisement.

Zerxza.com maintains the right to delete any comments if we deem it to be necessary.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The information, materials, and services provided on or via the Website are provided “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of compliance with applicable laws, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights including intellectual property rights.

We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the materials or services on or via the Website. We further do not warrant that the Website, its servers, or sent e-mails are free of viruses or other harmful components.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Zerxza.com be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, those resulting from lost profits or business interruption) arising out of the use, inability to use of, or errors or omissions in the contents or functions of the Website, even if we or an authorized representative thereof has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Security of the website

You must not abuse the website with an intentional distribution of viruses, Trojan horse, malicious self-reduction software or other materials that are regarded as intentional damage to technologies. You must not try to carry out an unauthorized access to our website, the server where our website is located or any other server, computer or database that is related to our website. You must not attack our website with any software, including software that prevents a normal operation of the website.

We will report any violations that are carried out in this manner to the respective responsible authorities and will collaborate with these authorities. In the event of such an infringement, your rights to use our website will be terminated with an immediate effect.

Zerxza.com has carried out all the activities to ensure a safe use of the website. However, we do not assume liability if, by using our website or hyperlinks that are published on our website to websites of third parties, a virus attacks your device and damages it.

Amendment of the terms

Zerxza.com shall have the right to change the content of the Terms of Use at any time without a prior notice to you. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use before you start using this website. Zerxza.com shall not assume liability for your failure to familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use of the website as a result of which you have suffered any damages.

Legal information

Notice to European Users: this privacy statement has been prepared in fulfillment of the obligations under GDPR and Art. 10 of EC Directive n. 95/46/EC, and under the provisions of Directive 2002/58/EC, as revised by Directive 2009/136/EC, on the subject of Cookies.
This privacy policy relates solely to this Website.

You always have the following rights:

  • The right to be informed.
  • The right of access.
  • The right to rectification.
  • The right to erasure.
  • The right to restrict processing.
  • The right to data portability.
  • The right to object.
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

Shall you have any complaints regarding the way your data is being collected or processed, you may turn to applicable authorities to submit a claim.

If you have any questions about your data, please contact us:

Viktoria Keller
E-mail address: zerxza@zerxza.com