5 Workplace Challenges That Disabled Employees Face

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As a disabled person, you have rights that are enshrined in law. That’s also true in the workplace, but not all employers are happy to comply with them.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the challenges you face in a workplace environment and some of how you may be discriminated against. Understanding your rights helps you spot instances where they may have been violated. You can take action against employers who break the law!

They won't hire you, even though you're the best candidate

It can be tricky proving that you weren’t hired because of a disability, but if interviewers ask certain questions about your health status or expect you to undergo a medical examination that doesn’t apply to other candidates, you may already have a case.

Of course, there may be situations where a disabled person is physically unable to do a job, which is accepted. But if you need a few extra facilities to perform the task, you shouldn’t be discriminated against.

Other employees receive training and promotion, but you don't

Sometimes, it’s easy to see that you’re being discriminated against because you are disabled. Everyone gets sent for training, but you aren’t offered the opportunity. You were supposed to be promoted after a successful trial period. You completed it, and your employers are happy, but the promotion doesn’t happen.

Scenarios such as these are hugely unpleasant for you. You’re working hard but aren’t given the same opportunities as your coworkers. The good news is that it’s illegal!

They aren't willing to provide “reasonable accommodation” for your disability

You’re good at what you do. The company needs your skills, and you aren’t asking them to change your job description. All you need are a few simple changes to make it possible for you to do the job. Perhaps you need a disabled toilet with room for your wheelchair or a ramp to help you bypass a couple of steps.

Whatever your disability, there are some simple, low-cost ways for your employer to make your working conditions tenable. If these aren’t provided, you may have grounds to take action.

They suspend you or fire you for no other reason than: “you're disabled”

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employers from firing disabled employees unless they cannot do the job even when reasonable accommodation for the disability has been provided. Of course, if your disability makes the workplace unsafe for other employees, or there are reasons other than the disability for you to be fired, there’s not much you can do.

Nevertheless, if you can prove that the main reason you were fired was your disability, you should consider making your employers account for their actions and claiming compensation.

You face other issues that place you at a disadvantage

It’s a broad category, and the form it might take depends on the job and the type of disability you are living with.

Nevertheless, you’re convinced that you wouldn’t have a problem if it weren’t for one thing: your disability. If talking to your employers doesn’t help, you might want to try talking to a lawyer instead.

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