3 Biggest Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare

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A vegan lifestyle is no longer a fringe movement. It has become mainstream in a way that most vegans probably never would have expected a decade ago. It is a healthy lifestyle that is now easier than ever to maintain thanks to how many companies are catering to vegans.

Since it has become mainstream, there are also a lot of skincare products available so you can take on every aspect of a plant-based lifestyle. There are a lot of other benefits that come with using vegan cosmetics. In this article, we will go over several of them. 

No harsh chemicals

The skin is a very effective barrier against a lot of external factors. However, it also absorbs whatever is put onto it. Not far below the skin’s surface are receptors and blood vessels. This means that if you are applying skincare products the harsh chemicals in them will be absorbed and can do serious damage after. 

There are many chemicals in skincare products that have been linked to certain cancers. Even without extreme cases like that, there are worries for people with sensitive skin that end up getting rashes and skin conditions because of a reaction to the chemicals. 

When you use vegan products, they substitute chemicals with natural, plant-based ingredients that do the same thing. Nature has a lot of healing plants that have been known for centuries.

For instance, rosewater for face toner is going to tighten the skin and also keep it moisturized so there is no need for a synthetic chemical. Even fragrances are synthetic but the scent of the rosewater is all you need for it to smell nice. 

Actual health benefits

When you remove harsh chemicals from cosmetics an incredible thing happens. The first was already mentioned that you do no harm to your body because they are no longer present. What happens next though is that natural ingredients are used in their place that have other health benefits. 

The chemicals used in a skin toner, for example, are only there to tighten the skin and disinfect the pores. They do actually do that job well, but the side effects are not worth it. When you put natural ingredients in to do the same thing, they also give your skin valuable nutrients. 

For instance, argan oil is not only an excellent moisturizer when used in skin creams, but it also improves the health of the skin due to its antioxidant properties as well as a boost from the Vitamin E in it. 

No animal cruelty

It goes without saying that vegan cosmetics are not going to be tested on animals. It goes further than that, however. There are no animal-derived products in them so you are sure that no animal had to suffer even when getting the ingredients for the manufacturing process.

For instance, lanolin is an oil that is derived from sheep’s wool and is common in cosmetics. When you get vegan products you are sure that no sheep had to go through the traumatic experience of getting shorn for your cosmetics. 

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