5 Fashion Basics to Buy for a Man Who Hates Shopping

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Some men love shopping for clothes. Others are only too happy to wear whatever comes to hand and will avoid shopping until there’s absolutely no alternative. While you might sympathize with him to a certain extent, you do like to see him looking neat, and there comes a time when the only option left is to shop for him.

After all, you can only ask him to update his wardrobe so many times before it becomes nagging, and there are few things that men hate more!

That leaves you with the problem of buying menswear, and you’re to be pardoned if it’s somewhat outside your experience at first. Start with these 5 basics. It’s easier than you might have thought.

Business shirts for smart and smart-casual wear

A long sleeved shirt with a collar always looks smart. Try to choose colors that match the palette he usually wears. A professional navy blue men’s dress shirt is a good neutral choice that should go with just about everything, especially if he already prefers darker shades.

If he’s into lighter colors, pale blue is a good option that will look fine with suits or teamed up with jeans. He can’t go wrong with this item! It’s “instant smart.”

Plain tees and golf shirts for any occasion

While your unfussy dresser might not have the audacity to team up a tshirt and a suit, it’s actually quite a sexy look. But even for an unimaginative dresser, basic tees and golf shirts are a standard. Since non-shopping men aren’t usually flamboyant dressers, opt for plain colors and discreet logos.

Your man can wear his tees next to the skin on days when he needs to layer up, and he’ll be just as happy to pull them on as weekend-wear when you’re chilling at home or enjoying a family day out.

Jeans and chinos

It might sound easy enough to check your man’s size and buy him a pair of jeans and a pair of chinos, but on closer examination, you’ll find that there are tons of different cuts available.

For a fairly athletic man, slim fits are usually a good choice. As for the jeans, getting a pair that isn’t styled for the latest fashion fads will be a safe option. Unless you know he has a marked fondness for variations like distressed jeans, stick with the rule of keeping it basic and practical.

Leather shoes

Take a good look at the types of shoes your man wears before heading out shopping for leather shoes. It’s going to be a rather pricey item so it's worth choosing a store that stocks a good variety of leather shoes in case he decides he wants to exchange them.

If he prefers a certain brand, you’re in luck. Simply check the brand and size and you’re in with a good chance of finding well-fitting shoes he’ll like.

What if he doesn’t like what you bought or it doesn’t fit?

Here’s the secret strategy. If he isn’t satisfied with what you chose, he can always go back to the shop and exchange it. He still gets new clothes, and that was your goal from the outset.

My tip? I present my purchases with wide-eyed innocence. I spotted something I think he’ll like. Or it was a good price. Or I thought he might be pleased to have it. If he isn’t, it’s a simple matter of apologizing and suggesting he takes a look at the shop in question and exchanges the item for something more suitable. Sneaky, sneaky!

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