7 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

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It’s just about the season that a lot of people start thinking about what they can do to serve their communities. We’ve come up with a list of things that many communities have a need for that anyone can do all year long.

Tutor a Student

Start with the youth in your community. You can become a good influence on them and help shape their minds by volunteering as a tutor, teaching kids in subjects that they are struggling with or teaching important life skills like cooking, money management, and social skills.

Volunteer at a School

Schools always have a need for volunteers. Sometime chaperones are needed for field trips or other school events, and assistance at sporting events is a common need in smaller communities as well.

Fundraisers for different extracurriculars are always a good idea for places where funds are lacking too. Find out what the schools in your community need help with and offer your service as a volunteer.

Volunteer at a Nonprofit

Whether it’s a soup kitchen, halfway house, or other non-profit, most communities have them and are always in need of more volunteers (especially outside of the holiday season). If you find that you are great at talking to people and want to donate your time to a good cause, seek out the non-profits in your community where you can volunteer.

Visit a Senior Center

If you really want to give back, visit a senior center. Give to those who helped grow the community and are now just wanting a friendly face to visit and talk with. It might not seem like much to you, but it could mean the world to someone else, especially if they don’t have a lot of visitors. If you want to do more, ask the staff at the senior center if there are other tasks around the facility that you can assist with.

Volunteer at the Hospital

The hospital is another great place to volunteer, and they usually have a diverse range of volunteer positions. With a hospital, you might need to fill out an application and the volunteer work will typically have set hours, kind of like a part-time job.

Positions such as tour guide, baby snuggler, information desk attendant, and activity assistants are some common volunteer opportunities that many hospitals offer.

Coach a Youth Sports Team

Another way to help the youth and future leaders of your community is to coach a sports team. Talk to the schools or your local parks and recreation department to find out what coaching opportunities are available in your community. Coach youth basketball, soccer, football, baseball, or softball and help young children learn how to play a sport and be a part of a team.

Do Your Part

Whether you go out of your way and spend a bunch of time at a non-profit or on a school board or you simply stick to yourself and your family, make sure that you are doing your part. Be kind to your neighbors, clean up after yourself, and be an asset rather than a problem in your community. If everyone does their part, your community will be the best that it can be.

Think about the community in which you live and what kind of places it offers. Where is it lacking? What can you do to help your fellow community members?

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