3 Best Tips to Help You Live Off The Grid

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Living off the grid is one of the best ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It involves unplugging from the grid, supply chain, and the mainstream way of life.

It means you are able to be more self-sufficient and can withstand a lot of the uncertainties of modern life. It’s a way to take back a lot of control we have given up to other forces.

A lot of people are new to the idea and wonder how to go off-grid and make it work. Although it isn’t always easy. You can go off the grid and still be able to live with the modern conveniences that you expect. In this article, we will give you several tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Create resilience

One of the biggest factors in how well you are able to live the off-grid lifestyle is how well you are able to get past the many obstacles you will face.

You will have times when things simply don’t work. A common issue is that solar panels are not producing much energy since there isn’t enough sun, or you may have a drought, and your garden production drops considerably.

It could be anything that sets you back or even derails your entire plan if you are unprepared. Make sure to have systems set up that allow you to get through the tough times.

To not deal with a drought, make sure to be harvesting rainwater when it is rainy, so you always have a supply of water for the garden, for instance. To have power when the sun doesn’t shine, make sure to have a generator to recharge the batteries.

There are always going to be things thrown your way that will be difficult to manage. If you always have a contingency plan, then you can avoid them being disastrous.

Have a water source

Drilling a well will give you water independence which is essential during these times of climate change. It is important to always have a supply of clean drinking water. Since you won’t be connected to a city or county water supply, you will need to have a well or be able to draw from a local water source.

Make sure that you are able to filter the water before drinking. You’ll also need to make sure that you have reliable electricity since a well needs a pump to draw water.

Reliable transportation

Usually, when you are living off-grid, it means that you are somewhere rural and in an area with questionable infrastructure. If your vehicle is not adequate to get around, then this is going to cause some major issues.

Have a truck or SUV since it is likely that the terrain is going to be a challenge for a regular car. It should be able to get through a lot of challenging conditions. Make sure it is always maintained, so it doesn’t break down or not start.

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