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Imagine turning on the air conditioner in your new house a week after moving in and finding it inoperable. Or maybe your dishwasher stopped working. Or the furnace breaks down in the middle of winter.

This is when the home warranty comes in – a service agreement that covers the cost of repairing or replacing eligible components, including major kitchen appliances and electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems.

A home warranty can help ease some of the financial strain new homeowners experience. Yes, you must pay for the warranty up front, but the savings can make the extra cost worthwhile. Read on to discover the reasons why every home needs a home warranty.

Unlimited service calls

There are several circumstances that will prompt you to make an assistance call. These circumstances include hearing strange noises coming from your refrigerator and not knowing what they mean; having a clogged toilet and not knowing how to fix it; having your water heater break in the middle of a shower; having your basement flood for no apparent reason and suspecting a gas leak; and many others.

To that end, your home warranty company enables an unlimited number of service calls in each of these scenarios. You will always be certain that someone will be available to assist you with your concerns if you have the option to call your service provider as often as you need to.

It saves you money

Before the repair even starts, you will discover how pricey a simple fix might be whenever you need a repair in your home. Professionals that do home service and repair are skilled workers, and you pay for their expertise as soon as they enter the house.

Because of this, homeowners frequently postpone fixing minor maintenance concerns for fear of discovering a bigger, more expensive issue. This just serves to make the leak or blockage worse. If you have a home warranty, you will pay the set service fee specified in your contract, and your policy will cover the remaining cost of the repair.

You merely have to pay the service fee, and the professional repair person continues to be paid at the agreed-upon rate. Due to this, it is much simpler to plan a budget for repairs and to contact assistance when issues are still minor.

Repairs are done by professionals

If you don't have the time or expertise to repair your home's systems and appliances on your own, you might consider getting a home warranty.

No matter how long you have lived in your home, there will always be upkeep and repair tasks that need to be done. Some homeowners are quite knowledgeable about these tasks; they can rewire a new outlet, replace the washer's drain, or repair a broken pipe.

But if you are not handy, have never learned how to perform these things, or are just too busy, you’ll need a professional to assist. With a home warranty, you can be certain that, if something breaks, a professional will come out and fix it without any hesitation.

Added protection for special circumstances

For some homeowners, a home warranty might provide an additional layer of protection. For new homeowners with bad credit who are unable to obtain a typical mortgage, a house warranty may also be an alternative.

Home warranties carry less risk than typical mortgages because the homeowner is the sole source of repayment, making them more accessible to people with bad credit. It's also perfect for those without debt who do not generate enough money to pay unforeseen expenses.

High level of safety

In particular, when it comes to electricity and gas, you want a safe house. These safety measures, along with other safety equipment like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, are covered by home warranties. A home warranty will send a professional to your house if you experience an issue with any of these safety measures.

You can relax knowing that your safety is in excellent hands since home warranty providers place a high focus on it.

Every homeowner should definitely think about investing in a home warranty since it provides an affordable means of protecting against unforeseen home repairs and the associated costs. With a home warranty, homeowners can relax knowing that their house is well-cared for.

However, it is in your best interest to first research a few home warranty providers, as with any significant purchase. Read the fine print of any warranty you are thinking about getting to understand what repairs are or are not covered by your contract.

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