9 Absolutely Stunning Famous Fashion Designer Homes

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If there is one group of people who define everlasting style, that group is fashion designers. The homes of the famous fashion designers are true representations of style, inspiration, creativity and design in its' finest form. If you have ever seen celebrity homes and thought they live in amazing houses, then these pictures will blow your mind! Let's dig deeper – here are the most stunning fashion designer homes that will make you fall off your chair!

1. Valentino  – Chateau de Wideville in France

valentino - famous fashion designer homes

Valentino Garavani, known also as simply “Valentino” is a name that is no stranger to anyone. Valentino's haute couture creations look more like art pieces and who could forget Valentino handbags. Though he has several estates, his personal favourite is this mesmerizing building called the Chateau de Wideville. This enormous mansion looks like a castle and is built before the 17th century which adds a special flare of history and culture to it. What's even greater, the chateau is opened every July for a gala party which is held by Valentino.

2. Ralph Lauren – Colorado Ranch

ralph lauren colorado ranch
Via George Burns/HARPO Studios

Though Ralph Lauren has estates all over the world – from Jamaica to Manhattan (and the latter being one of the most well-known living spaces) – Ralph Lauren's Colorado ranch is the cherry on top. The most significant part of the ranch is the cozy feel to it. One look and it is notable how “American” the estate is. Every single detail of the interior oozes the essence of Lauren and it can be seen clearly where the inspiration for his clothing lines comes from.

3. Diane von Furstenberg – Penthouse in Manhattan


Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most eccentric fashion designers today and the same goes for her fabulous Manhattan penthouse which looks like an oasis in the middle of Manhattan's rooftops. The interior is as amazing as the exterior – every single detail around the house is made by talented artists and craftsmen to ensure the home of our “First Lady” of eccentric design can inspire her so she could amaze us with her designs over and over again.

4. Anna Sui – Luxurious apartment in New York City

Eric Boman / Via elledecor.com
Eric Boman / Via elledecor.com

The home of Anna Sui is far from being minimalistic – every room of the apartment looks like it's from 15th century and belongs to a majesty. The same dramatic look translates to Anna's designs and allows her to be inspired by her home every single day. What a fairytale!

5. Alexander Wang – Trendy NYC loft

Maciek Kobielski / Via wmagazine.com
Maciek Kobielski / Via wmagazine.com

Alexander Wang is a trendsetter and sets the path for all fashionistas. Black and white details infused together, exactly like in his fashion designs, a touch of leather and bold details – all of these details combined together make for a stylish interior. That's the kind of an apartment we'd all wish for!

6. Karl Lagerfeld – Minimalistic Paris apartment

Via fashionologie.com
Via fashionologie.com

Karl Lagerfeld, following the footsteps of Coco Chanel, is probably the most intimidating person in the fashion industry (except for Anna Wintour) and his home in Paris is no different. The whole apartment is designed in light minimalistic colors and there are barely any details to discuss. Everything is kept as minimal as possible – exactly like Lagerfeld's own designs. It is no wonder where the inspiration for his clear pure designs comes from. However, there is one room in the apartment that is full of detail – that is the reading room that has hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of books covering the whole wall.

7.  Christian Dior – Villa in Normandy

via Architectural Digest
Via Architectural Digest

Christian Dior's home is one of the most extravagant examples of fashion designer homes. The Normandy villa is strongly influenced by russian interior design – the carpets, colors, patterned glass and dozins of other details all contribute for that feel. Though the interior is made by numerous details, everything fits together perfectly without looking cluttered. Now we know where the brilliant Dior designs come from!

8. Marc Jacobs – House in NYC

via Architectural Digest
Via Architectural Digest

The home of the legendary Marc Jacobs is far from ordinary. The interior is inspired by art deco style which is portrayed the best via numerous paintings, sculptures and interesting furniture details. All details together make for a beautiful fusion between modern interior and classic design – exactly like his brilliant fashion designs.

9. Calvin Klein – Modern Fire Island home

via Dezeen
Via Dezeen

One of the most significant modern fashion designers Calvin Klein spent many summers in this minimalistic, light home on the Fire Islands. The interior and the breathtaking view on the sea are more than enough to illustrate where the inspiration for Calvin Klein comes from. This beautiful house practically oozes style from its' walls!

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