3 Best Personal Safety Apps, Devices and Alarms

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Many people have heard the same safety warnings all their lives, such as don’t ever leave a drink unattended, don’t go anywhere alone. Lock your car's doors as soon as you get in and check your car's back seat.

This focus on personal accountability usually shifts the responsibility away from those who plan to harm you, and others close by may not be willing or able to assist. Which is also an important element to discuss when talking about personal safety.

Despite all this, many people still feel the need to put up their guards or come up with strategies to protect themselves in situations that may be potentially threatening.

Before you make a decision a good idea is to invest in personal safety devices. Here are a couple of general guidelines to consider:

Test it out first

A new device may be complicated, so a good idea is to test it out and learn how to handle it before a panicked or tense situation occurs.

If for instance, you are installing an application or app you should pilot it first. Do a test run and send your location to a loved one or activate any type of SOS feature on the app to try it out.

Have a conversation

If the product you are utilizing promises to link you to emergency services, test it out. Many organizations charge for these test runs. Just make sure you complete and inform the service provider that you are doing fine and safe.

And if you write certain friends down as emergency contacts inside the app, let your friends know and make sure they’re also aware of how they need to respond when they receive an alert.

Once you’ve made a decision, below are a few options to consider:


This is not a device but works more like an app. Life360 is equipped with cool features for your family’s safety. It's been used by more than 25 million people around the world. Their features are kept very simple to make it very easy for you to use. You can check your loved ones' real-time location and you’re also able to get a notification whenever they come around your most frequent spot.

SLFORCE – Personal Alarm

SLFORCE Personal Alarm is an appropriate self-defence device for kids, women, the elderly, and just any person.

It has a super explosive, shrill siren up to 130 decibels that get activated once you press it whenever you’re in a dangerous circumstance. You’re able to carry it comfortably by attaching it to your jeans, bag, or purse.

This personal alarm also has a built-in LED flashlight that will assist you properly when it's dark. All of this put together certainly does make life simpler, in particular when you need aid if there’s no one around.

Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is equipped with several useful characteristics for a device that is small in size. It works globally, allows 2-way communication, and has a rechargeable battery.

As soon as you press the alert button, it will notify all your emergency contacts, including 911. It has the option for you to send an automated text message and even an email with your location information in real-time.

All in all, we certainly hope these devices and tips mentioned above will be able to help you in any bad situation you may find yourself in.

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