Puffers, Parkas and Wool: How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

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The temperatures are dropping and your light jackets and cozy cardigans aren’t cutting it anymore. You need your winter coat to protect you from the brisk breezes, icy chills, and cold temps. And this guide to winter coats will help you find exactly what you need to brave the winter – in style, that is.

Whether you want something puffy, tailored, trendy or edgy, there’s a coat for everyone.

Do you want a puffer or parka jacket?

If your winters are icy cold and full of snow, you’ll want to invest in a warm puffer or parka jacket. Now, you might have serious sticker shock when you start shopping for a quality jacket. But try to get past the total price and think about the price per wear, or PPW.

The price per wear is the total cost divided by how many times you’ll wear this coat. If it’s a piece you’ll be wearing every day for the next four to six months, the price starts to look a whole lot more reasonable, doesn’t it?

Parkas + Padded jacket

If you want a jacket that you can wear to most occasions, a chic parka can do the trick. Yes, it’s a bit on the bulky side, but it’s still fashionable enough that you can get away with wearing it out and about.

Padded jackets are oh-so-cozy, too. Even though they’re thick, they still manage to flatter your figure, by nipping in at the waist and giving you a nice silhouette – a pretty impressive feat for any winter jacket.

Why you’ll want one: When parkas and padded jackets are made with real “down” (feathers from goose or duck), they keep you insanely warm.

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Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are for the ladies who aren’t too concerned about finding a figure-flattering, hip-hugging jacket. These jackets are fun, easy going and they keep it real.

They’re probably not filled with down, and instead, are made with polyester. So, they might not be as warm as a wool jacket or a padded parka.

Why you’ll want one: It’s a lot of fun to style a puffer jacket, just like Kendall Jenner does here.

Do you want a tailored coat?

An all-time favorite of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, tailored coats are elegant, classy and perfect for professional wear, date nights and if you like to take your winter wardrobe up a notch.

These aren’t the jackets you want to go trekking in – they’re not exactly sporty! But they’re ideal for when you’ll be outdoors for short periods of time.

Because these coats are so classic and won’t be going out of style anytime soon, don’t be afraid of making an even bigger investment. The PPW doesn’t just apply to this winter only, but to many more winters to come, making your purchase smart, savvy and of course, stylish.

Solid-colored wool coats

A tan, navy or black wool coat is always a winner and something you can absolutely wear with confidence. You can find them with buttons, double-breasted buttons and wrap belts. Some come with a cozy hood, others with a chic collar.

Just be aware that lighter-colored jackets look great in pictures, but they can get pretty grimy. They may require a dry clean every season, which can add up. But wool coats are timeless, so it’s worth a little extra TLC.

Why you’ll want one: Wool is waterproof and acts as an insulator, trapping your body heat and keeping you nice and warm.

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Plaid wool coats

Plaid is definitely a trend right now, but when you combine it with a classic style, like a long, wool coat, it’s a great combination for many outfits.

Why you’ll want one: Dress it up or down. Go classy or be edgy, just like Olivia Munn styles her plaid coat.


If your winters are more on the mild side, you can easily get away with the tried-and-true trench coat. No one does a trench coat quite like Burberry, but there are some pretty decent dupes out there, too. Check out the MIssguided trench coat in camel, or the ASOS DESIGN classic trench coat.

Why you’ll want one: Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, loves to wear (and re-wear) her trench, proving that it’s a timeless, go-to style.

Peacoat, double-breasted

For a shorter-length jacket that looks less formal and dressy, consider the double-breasted peacoat. It’s a great classic and evokes navy military uniforms. Now, you get to wear it, too.

Why you’ll want one: Peacoats are like wearing a chic blazer, except it will keep you so much warmer, especially if it’s made with wool.

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Do you want a trendy coat?

Some of 2018’s coat trends are pretty hard to resist. So, don’t! Just remember, your PPW might be a bit higher. After all, this year’s trend might not carry over into next year, so you might only get one season’s wear out of this piece.

Additionally, a cheaper, trendy coat may not be very warm. So, if your winters are pretty frigid, your trendy coats are more of a fashion statement than your personal heating system.

Teddy coat

The teddy coat screams “Cute”, but be forewarned. They’re not always incredibly warm. You can certainly layer up underneath them for some extra warmth. But just don’t rely on them the way you would a parker, puffer or wool trench coat.

Why you’ll want one: In the words of fashion blogger, Anna Newton, of The Anna Edit, “It’s the kind of item that you put on, feel like you’re instantly in the Bahamas and then want to spend the rest of the day hugging yourself.”

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Faux fur

Play up your inner Hollywood dame with a faux fur coat. They’re a little bit more high maintenance and can start to look a bit tattered when you wear them often. But since this is a trendy, seasonal piece, it’s not as crucial that it holds up, year after year.

Why you’ll want one: Luckily real fur coats are being replaced by faux fur. So, you get to be warm without harming any animals. And thanks to the faux nature, you can have a coat that’s pretty wild and unique.

Leopard print coat

This year, leopard is everywhere. So, you’ll blend right in with these animal-print favorites. If you can find a wool leopard print coat, it will keep you warm, while looking sassy.

Why you’ll want one: No matter what kind of day you’re having, pulling on a leopard coat will instantly make you feel like a queen.

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