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Most of the time, when you read about high heels, you read about all the negative things they do to your body. High heels are often blamed for sprains, fractures, and general discomfort.

But if you think high heels are bad for you, you might want to rethink that myth. In fact, there are some positive aspects to stilettos which will surely make your inner fashionista smile. So, if you’re a high-heel lover, keep reading to learn why they might be good, rather than bad, for you.

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Stronger ankles

The last thing you think of when it comes to high heels is a workout. But wearing heels works a lot of different leg muscles, including the muscles surrounding the ankle.

In a four-year study, researchers observed women wearing heels. They observed that ankle strength improved, especially for the muscles inside and outside of the joint. However, it’s worth noting that these benefits occurred in short-term wearers. Women who wore them for longer periods of time showed a weakening of those same ankle muscles.

Therefore, short-term wear of high heels can strengthen ankle muscles.

Toned legs

Just as high heels help to increase muscle strength around your ankle, high heels also strengthen and tone leg muscles, especially calf muscles. They tighten as you walk, and with time, you can even lose leg fat and build more muscles mass.

Better posture

Let’s face it, when you’re wearing high heels, you’re forced to stand up taller and hold your chin up. Not only is it necessary if you want to keep your balanced, but it’s just more fitting to walk that way.

So, if you want to improve your posture, strutting your stuff with your favorite pair of heels may do the trick.

Better sex life

It may come as a surprise that high heels can improve your sex life, but that’s what Italian urologist, Maria Cerruto found out.  As a professor at the University of Verona in Italy, Cerruto studied the effects of wearing high heels and pelvic floor muscles.

She measured the electrical activity of the pelvic floor muscles in 66 women, all of whom were under the age of 50. In her studies, she found that the higher the heel, the more relaxed the pelvic muscles were.

And strong pelvic muscles are often associated with increased sexual pleasure. So, wearing high heels can have a positive effect on the muscles you need to experience more sexual excitement.

High heels have a big influence on a guy’s behavior

What we wear makes an impression on people. But did you know that wearing high heels can actually be a powerful way to influence a guy’s behavior towards you?

Just consider several French studies, which were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. They repeatedly found that a woman’s footwear can either positively or negatively influence how a man interacts with her.

In one study, three groups of women wore three different shoes: flats, 5-centimeter heels or 9-centimeter heels. Each shoe group was asked to go out on the street and ask men to complete a survey. Researchers found that the women with the highest heels had the most luck getting men to fill out their surveys.

In another study, men were more likely to help women who dropped their glove if they wore high heels instead of flats. And in yet another study, when going to a bar, guys were more likely to approach women who wore heels rather than women with flats.

Now, some might argue that these studies promote a sexist, male-dominant attitude – one where woman ought to dress a certain way in order to please the opposite sex or to continue being perceived as the weaker sex.

But however you look at it, it’s clear that heels change the way men approach and interact with women.

You feel more confident in high heels

Every woman is different, and sometimes a bright red lipstick is what some women need to nail that presentation, interview or meeting. For others, it’s a high heel.

High heels aren’t for everyone, but if they make you feel like a real girl boss and give you a boost of much-needed confidence, why not wear them?

You’ll stand taller, walk prouder and move with a lot more prowess.

High heels make you feel sexier

Again, no two women are the same, and what makes you feel sexy, might not work for the next woman. But, for some ladies, a pair of high heels makes them feel infinitely sexier than a pair of d’Orsay flats or canvas sneakers.

And if you feel sexy, you might have more fun on your special date, or when you want to wow your partner.

How to wear high heels so they’re good for you

Even if high heels aren’t necessarily bad for you, it’s still a good idea to wear them wisely. So, follow these easy tips to wear your favorite shoes without ending up with injuries and discomfort.

  • Wear wider shoes: You don’t have to settle for the common myth that high heels have to be uncomfortable. Instead, look for a wide shoe to leave enough room for the ball of your foot. This can help to prevent cramped toes, and even hairline fractures, stress fractures and bunions.
  • Wear lower heels: This can help reduce the pressure on your toes and back. According to podiatrist and human movement specialist, Emily Splichal, “anything over the three-inch mark changes the biomechanics of how you walk – your strides are shortened, you can’t walk as fast, your body weight shifts to the ball of the foot, which throws off your center of gravity and stressed the knees and lower back.”
  • Wear gel insoles to make the balls of your feet more comfortable. One option is to get Gentee's high heel pads which relieve discomfort.
  • Opt for chunky high heels. It’s easier to keep your balance and to also take the pressure off your toes and the balls of your feet.

High heels get a bad rap, but as you can see, they’re not all that bad for you. In fact, if you’re savvy about your stilettos, you can even reap some fun and healthy benefits.

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