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Are you looking to add carpets to your home for the first time? Or, would you like to replace old, tattered rugs with something a little more current?

Luckily carpeting has come a long way and with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect flooring solution for every room in your home. So, keep reading to learn how to carpet your home.

Berber Carpeting is New and Different

Neutral colors were definitely trendy back in the 90’s, and even though you can still get them today, you’ll find that they’re a lot more creative than they used to be. You’ve probably familiar with the traditional Berber carpeting. It’s white or slightly off-white, with flecks of browns, grays and other earth tone colors.

Now, you can find Berber carpeting with more texture options, as well as a more color variety. It’s a great way to reinvent a home classic and it might be just what your living room or study needs.

Carpeting with Patterns

We’ve all seen carpets with different designs, be it floral, Persian or geometric. Now, the trend is patterns that are either applied or woven into the carpet itself. You can choose from floral carpets to botanical prints like seen on this carpet with contemporary leaves design. With these types of carpets, your flooring is no longer a neutral side note in your room. Now, the carpeting is a design piece of its own.

This year, it’s particularly trendy to see rugs with circular forms, along with hexagons and arabesque shapes.

Bold Colors and Contrasting Shades Are In Vogue

Carpets used to be the wallflowers in your home, easy to ignore and easy to pass over. Now, carpets are taking on bolder colors, and you can find a greater variety of vibrant carpeting.

Saxony carpeting, the popular, medium-height flooring option is both soft and easy on the feet. This, along with the cut and loop style, is now available in more colors. You can find both solid shades and mixed colors.

Tile Your Floor with Carpet Tiles

With carpet tiles, you get to create your very own flooring design, using a variety of colored carpeting blocks. You can either create a mosaic of different colors, or you can arrange neutral colors, with the occasional pop of color.

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What Rooms Should Have Carpeting?

Before we talk about which rooms should have carpeting, let’s first go over the rooms where carpets are best avoided.

  • Bathrooms

It’s okay to have small rugs, strategically placed in front of your sink and bathtub. But be sure to keep the rest of the floor an easy-to-clean surface, such as tiling, wood or laminate.

  • Kitchens

Kitchens see a lot of action, from foot traffic to cooking to spills and so much more. Here, you want a floor that can stand up to all these challenges, as well as a floor that’s easy to clean. A carpet will only complicate your kitchen.

  • Entry Ways and mudrooms

A small rug for wiping feet is an essential piece for your entryway, but be sure the rest of the floor is a non-absorbent material. This way, no matter what the season, and no matter what your children and pets track into your home, you can easily wash the floor to keep your entryways looking neat and fresh.

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  • Laundry Rooms

Nothing’s worse than an overflow or giant spill while you’re doing the laundry. Nothing that is, except for a thick, soft carpet that’s completely soaked! Keep carpets out of your laundry room for ease and convenience’s sake!

Best Rooms for Carpets

Now that we know which rooms aren’t ideal for carpeting, let’s talk about where carpets belong, as well as the best carpeting options for specific rooms.

  • Living Rooms

When you want to create a cozy, inviting room, where people feel comfortable sitting on the floor with a cup of coffee while they chat about dinner plans, go with a soft frieze carpet or  Saxony style.

Both are medium-height, soft carpets with soft fibers – the type that you can run your fingers through. And remember, you can now find both Saxony and frieze carpeting in bright, vibrant and contrasting colors.

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  • Bedrooms

Whether you’re carpeting your child’s bedroom or your own master suite, a carpet is a perfect way to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your room. As with living rooms, Saxony and frieze carpeting create soft and inviting living spaces.

  • Hallways

In the more practical areas of your home that see a lot of foot traffic, it’s a good idea to go with cut and loop carpeting. These carpets are short and very close to the ground. Fun patterns, including geometric designs, can liven up any hallway, walkway or corridor.

  • Studies and Offices

Berber carpeting, along with cut and loop carpeting, is a smart choice for your home office or library. It can keep the atmosphere professional and studious, and create a nice alternative to the more cozy, casual spaces throughout the rest of your home.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When You Carpet Your Home

  • Get to know carpet basics

Carpets are actually pretty complex, and there are a lot of factors to consider when determining the quality and practicality of any carpet. Be sure to do a little research to better understand things like face weight, twist, and density before making a purchase.

  • Invest in Underpadding

Even if an underpad seems irrelevant and a waste of money, be sure you invest in it. It will make your carpet feel more comfortable and it will help it look better for years to come. That’s because the underpad is what absorbs a lot of the impact your carpet will endure.

  • Take advantage of professional installation

You might want to install your new carpet on your own without having to pay a professional. But it’s worth the money to pay a pro to do the work for you.

This way, you can be assured that your carpet will be properly installed, thanks to their experience and proper tools and equipment.

Carpeting your home is a fun and exciting way to give rooms a facelift and completely change how it looks and feels. Follow these tips to make the most out of this year’s carpeting trends.

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