4 Healthiest Methods for Cooking Delicious and Nutritious Meals

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If you’re someone that’s trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need to adjust your diet accordingly. However, it is not just the foods that we eat that can make a difference; the way we cook our food matters as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of cooking methods for conscientious cooks to try out that will offer the tastiest and healthiest results.

Some of the healthiest cooking methods will require the right equipment, so it is a good idea to find a reputable retailer to buy the things you need. Investing in the best appliances and tools will ensure you can make healthy meals quickly and easily at home.


Baking can be an excellent option for various meats and veg. Baking will take longer than boiling or frying but will also require less oil. You don’t need any high-tech equipment to switch to baking your food, just a good quality baking sheet and foil to help heat the food thoroughly.

Stir frying

Stir frying involves cooking fresh ingredients quickly on high heat with little or no oil. Not all foods are suited to stir-frying, with the best options including onions, mushrooms, beansprouts, cabbage and green beans.

Stir-frying gives you a meal packed with veg that has a lovely crunch. You could consider investing in a larger frying pan or wok to cook up larger meals, but any sized frying pan should do the trick if necessary.

Air frying

Air frying is an excellent alternative to frying in oil. Oil frying is one of the least healthy ways to prepare meals, and air frying can reduce the fat content of a meal significantly when compared to oil frying.

If you want to give air frying a try, you’ll first need an air fryer. Air fryers have seen a surge in popularity in recent months, thanks to the increased cost of living. You can find various shapes, sizes and styles of air fryers from all the best brands at OnBuy.com.


Steaming involves using hot water to create steam in a steaming cooker, which cooks things like veggies and potatoes. It is a slower method than boiling, but it can help ensure veggies retain more of their vital nutrients. It can also be a great way to prevent veggies from becoming soggy or crushed during the cooking process. You’ll need a steamer for this method, which is essentially just a set of ventilated stackable pans with a solid pan at the bottom to hold and heat the water.

There is still a common misconception that eating healthily means eating basic or bland food. Nothing could be further from the truth, and most balanced diets will include a broad range of truly delicious meals.

The method of cooking can make all the difference to how healthy a meal turns out and how flavoursome it will be. It is a good idea to experiment with the different methods listed above to find your perfect go-to cooking technique.

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