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Golf can be an expensive game, but there are ways to keep those expenses manageable. The best part is that you can actually bring down your annual golfing costs without sacrificing on quality, which is something that both beginners and expert golfers will appreciate.

If you find the idea appealing, read on as we share a few pro tips on how to save money on golfing equipment and accessories.

Look for discounts

Whether you are looking to buy a new driver or you need to change those aging tires on the golf cart, always look for a discount first. Any seller can mark up the price and then mark it down a little bit to make it seem like they are offering a huge discount.

Look through your options across multiple vendors and compare their prices to find the genuine bargains.

Can you get it delivered for free?

Accessories for your golf cart, like the seat kits, lift kits, all terrain tires, etc., can be quite heavy. Consequently, most vendors will not ship heavy golfing accessories for free unless it’s a local address.

You may end up spending a lot more on your purchase due to the additional shipping costs. Try to shop at a site that sells much more than just tires for golf carts and offers free delivery on them all to any address in the US.

Order in bulk

Order equipment like golf balls and tees in bulk to get better discounts and save a significant amount of money in the long run. They do not exactly come with an expiration date, so it’s a safe investment even if you don’t play golf as often as you would like to.

Also, having a few spare cart tires in the back is definitely recommended for emergencies. Just in case you are a golf course manager or owner, then the bulk discount rule pretty much applies to all your club’s equipment and accessories.

Recollect your golf balls

It’s common knowledge by now that millions of golf balls are lost every year in the United States alone, which is a very real environmental hazard. You can help the environment and do your pocket a favor by recollecting at least some of your golf balls after a game.

Remember that every lost or forgotten golf ball you find on your hunt is yours to reuse. Every ball you recollect and reuse will save you anything between $1 – $5, depending on their quality.

Look for golf clubs from brands that offer better value for your money

Your golf clubs are your most important possessions, as far as the game itself is concerned. However, do you really need to own the best range of clubs from the most expensive brands? In truth, the difference in quality is often insufficient to justify the premium price tags that the more premium brands put on their high-end club sets, unless you are a semi-pro or a pro golfer.

You don’t necessarily need to own a set of T300II Golf Iron Set from Titleist, or a Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw driver to play your best game. You just need to find a good mix of woods, irons, and wedges that perfectly fit your hand size, grip, swing style, swing speed, swing power, etc. The same big brands sell plenty of affordable clubs in the mid-range and they are nothing to scoff at either.

If you really want to play with the best clubs available, try to find use clubs online or through your golfing contacts. It’s not at all unlikely for players to find excellent bargains on older pro clubs that are still in excellent shape.

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