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Now that sweater weather is back, it’s time to pull out your faux leather fashion items. They’re the perfect way to transition in and out of cooler temps while staying oh so stylish.

Because there’s such a wide variety of faux leather items available, it’s easy to purchase something that’s cheap. So, to avoid spending your hard earned money on cheap faux leather, follow these easy guidelines.

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Why Buy Faux Leather Fashion Items?

There are two main reasons why fashionistas opt for faux. The first is the price. Genuine leather is expensive and the ultimate sign of luxury. The other reason is animal rights. Faux leather is made from synthetic polyurethane, and therefore a vegan-friendly option.

While faux leather doesn’t involve animal cruelty, it’s not a biodegradable or eco-friendly alternative. Nonetheless, because it’s so affordable, durable and easy to take care of, it’s a pretty good option for ladies on a budget.

Here’s how you can determine if your faux leather fashion item is worth buying:

  1. Texture

There are many different textures available among faux leather fashion items. But genuine leather will always have a definite texture, known as the “grain.” Natural grains tend to have bumps, irregularities, and variances. So, when looking for a faux leather piece, consider buying texture that’s most similar to natural grain.

How well does it imitate natural animal skin? If it looks too smooth, you might have a low-quality item on your hands.

  1. Sheen

If you’ve ever held a real leather item, you probably noticed that it’s not super shiny. Instead, it tends to be more on the matte side. While you can buy faux leather that’s very shiny, it will definitely look like a knockoff. If you want to stay as close to genuine leather as possible, opt for more matte.

Of course, if you’re into glossy trends, you can go all out with shiny faux leather fashion pieces. The good thing is, faux leather makes it possible to enjoy the fads without breaking the bank.

  1. Materials

If you’d like your faux leather fashion item to look realistic, take some time to read the label. This will cue you in on the materials used in the product. If the polyurethane is mixed with natural materials like cotton or wool, you’re off to a great start.

Of course, other materials, like polyester, nylon or rayon can be used in the mix, and these all help to give the faux leather both a genuine look and feel.

  1. Color Palette

Genuine leather generally comes in earthy, brown or neutral shades. It’s animal skin, after all. If you’d like your faux leather fashion item to look genuine, look for pieces that mimic the natural colors found amongst genuine leather.

Of course, high-end luxury bags, like the Birkin Bag, have up to 25 shades of blue, and even use crocodile skins for their bags.

So, if you’re interested in brightly colored leather, but can’t quite afford a Birkin Bag, faux leather fashion items are probably your best bet. It might not look genuine leather, but it will certainly be more colorful thanks to the wide variety of colors available in faux leather.

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How to Take Care of Your Faux Leather Fashion Items

When it comes to faux leather, it’s much easier to clean and maintain than genuine leather. Generally, real leather requires mild soaps and a formula especially suited for these materials. Luckily, with your faux leather, you can get away with using a simple soap and water solution.

In some cases, bleach or alcohol may be safe to use. But before you apply any cleaning product to your faux leather, always read the labels for instructions and do a little research online.

Before you clean the entire piece, always test a small, hidden area to be sure you don’t ruin you fashion item.

As you can see, faux leather fashion pieces are a great option for fashionistas on a budget. They’re affordable, stylish and easy to care for. Which piece is your favorite?

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