Before You Jump From Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship, Check up on These 4 Details may earn commission when you buy something through the links or banners on this page.

Many fall head over heels for the people they date. Be it a few months or years, the relationship between two people dating can take a drastic turn at any given point. And at that point, these people often feel like they have found true love. To them, the individual they are dating is the perfect match, someone they can get serious with. So in most cases, they decide to take the next step. 

The relationship between these people turn from casual dating to something a bit more serious. Sometimes, people will go as far as marrying their partner, thinking of them as that special person they have always wanted.

However, do not make these decisions based solely on a good dating experience. Jumping from casual dating to a more serious relationship with the same person takes a lot of calculations. And today, we are going to delve into those details.

You can know how much compatibility exists between you and your partner, and whether you can take it to the next step. Just check up on these simple but super important details.

Calculate compatibility based on your zodiac signs

Some relationships are written in the stars. So it would be amazing if you could find out if yours belongs to that category.

Using a calculator to discover your love percentage is the ideal way to go about this. For that, you can use the one MysticMag has to offer. This love calculator takes in your names and zodiac signs and gives you a compatibility report. 

The report will tell you how compatible you are in terms of emotion, intellect, interests, values, and so on. You will also get to know what you can expect from your relationship in the future. Learning about all this can give you a heads-up about the situation you are walking into.

Learn about your partner’s bad habits

Everyone has bad habits. It could be something as simple as snoring, to something a bit more complicated. Whatever it is, you should always try to inquire about these things, especially when you are looking to settle down with someone. 

Knowing about your partner’s bad habits somewhat keeps you on your toes. So you know what to expect, and when it does happen, you will have already seen it coming. Knowing is not enough, however. You also need to be okay with it. Otherwise, there is no point in asking them these questions and finding out the answers. 

Of course, you do not have to be okay with bad habits all the time. You can opt out of the relationship or stop it from taking a serious turn if you feel repelled by their bad habits.

Discuss your future plans

This part is especially important if you are planning to live together or marry your partner or settle down in some other way. When plans collide, things never work out in a relationship. One thing some people do is sacrifice their plans for the sake of their partners. 

Do not follow that path. It will only make you feel miserable at some point. Instead, come to terms in some other way. Perhaps time things differently or look for alternatives. However, never completely sacrifice your plans for the sake of your partner. And you should not ask them to do the same either.

Ask about your partner’s expectations

Relationships often fall apart because partners fail to meet each other’s expectations. When you are in the dating stage, such breakups are a lot easier to handle. However, in a serious relationship or marriage, things can get complicated. 

So before you decide to pursue a serious relationship with your love interest, ask them about their expectations. It can be about the future, or how they want to see you five years down the line, or what kind of a life they want in the future, and so on. 

It is also important that you ask about the relationship aspects of their expectations. For instance, inquire whether or not they like small gestures in relationships. Ask if they are comfortable being seen with you in public, or if they want something a bit more secretive. They should also inquire about the same details about you. 

Exchange notes on these things and only proceed forward if you guys can meet those expectations. Even if you cannot meet them, you guys should reach a middle ground. There is no reason to go for a more serious relationship if you fail to do any of that.

Lastly, be patient with one another. Relationships take time to form, and you should not rush things. So go ahead and think of taking things to the next level if you are satisfied with all this. And in case you are not, it is better to part or at least keep things casual for the time being.

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