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Women are obsessed with longer, fuller, bigger lashes, and they’ll do just about anything to get them. From hundreds of mascara options to eyelash serums, to lash extensions, there’s just about everything.

And now you can add magnetic eyelashes to your beauty bag of tricks. If that’s new to you, here’s the lowdown on magnetic lashes.

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What are magnetic eyelashes?

Just as their name implies, magnetic eyelashes use magnet technology to give you voluminous lashes. There is zero glue involved, but you still get long-lasting gorgeous lashes.

Brands like One Two Cosmetics and their bestselling magnetic Founder’s Lashes took Instagram by storm. Their “Budge-proof” technology keeps the lashes in place until you decide to remove them.

How do they work? Well, you basically make a lash sandwich.

For your top lashes, you apply a set of lashes both above and below your natural lashes. They are held in place by a lightweight fiber magnetic strip. So, you don’t have to apply magnets anywhere.

And if you’re worried that magnetic lashes will be heavy, they’re not. Instead, these fake lashes are lightweight.

And while some women rave about the One Two Cosmetic magnetic lashes, they do come at a pretty hefty price: $69 for a complete set. Luckily there are much more affordable alternative thanks to false lashes brand, Ardell.

Like One Two Cosmetics, Ardell doesn’t use any adhesive glue to hold the lashes in place – just magnet technology with virtually invisible magnets.

Tips for applying magnetic eyelashes:

1. Be patient!

This is especially true if you’ve never worn false eyelashes. But even pro’s should be prepared for the old adage, “Practice makes perfect.”

Sure, you don’t have to apply glue, but applying two magnetic lashes per lash line is a new skill. So, take your time and soon, you’ll be applying them like a pro.

2. Trim your natural lashes

Trim if necessary! This will help the false magnetic lashes look even more natural.

3. Apply mascara

Use mascara on the natural lashes – not the magnetic lashes! This gives magnetic lashes something to hold on to. You want to avoid applying mascara to magnetic lashes to keep them longer-lasting.

4. Apply top lashes

Start by applying the top lashes Hint: the magnets are underneath the lashes.

5. Apply the bottom lashes

Once your top lashes are resting above your natural lashes, apply the bottom set. Hint: the magnets are above the lashes. Applying the bottom lashes can be a bit weird because you have to apply the magnetic strip pretty close to your eye.

However, with time, it gets easier.

When both top and bottom lashes are in place, they just clip together – almost magically.

6. Remove your magnetic lashes

When you’re ready to remove them, gently pull both the top and bottom lashes off to the side with small rubbing movements with your thumb and index finger. That’s literally all you have to do!

7. Clean and store

The leading magnetic lashes available on the market right now are reusable, so store and clean them according to the package instructions. Usually, all you need is some water to gently wipe them clean.

Magnetic eyelashes drawbacks

While magnetic eyelashes are an easy, quick and painless way for women to get amazing lashes, there are some drawbacks.

For one thing, you can’t trim the magnetic eyelashes. If you do, you might accidentally throw off the careful placement of the teeny tiny magnets. If this happens, it’s much harder for the lashes to stay in place.

You also can’t use certain metal tweezers to apply the magnetic eyelashes because they can interfere with the magnets.

Depending on the shape of your eye, your lash line and eyelashes, you may experience “flare-ups”. That’s basically what happens when the edges of the fake lashes stick out, leaving you with a not-so-natural lash look.

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

The idea of placing a magnet near your eye might sound a bit scary and make you raise an eyebrow.

And since there are some bizarre beauty routines out there, it’s always good to approach anything new with a fair degree of caution.

So, is it safe to wear magnetic eyelashes?

One Two Cosmetics had Princeton Consumer Research determine whether their magnetic eyelashes were safe. The research team didn’t observe any adverse reactions among users. However, they also advise against using magnetic eyelashes if you have a pre-existing eye condition.

Not only are magnetic eyelashes safe to use, they’re also much more hygienic compared to glue-on types. Since you don’t apply mascara to them, and they don’t get all gunked up with glue, magnetic lashes can be a much cleaner option.

And that’s safe since you reduce the risk for an eye infection by using a cleaner product.

One final note on magnetic eyelashes and safety is to only purchase lashes from a reputable retailer and brand. You may be able to find knockoffs and dupes for a much lower price, but they may not always be safe.

Where to buy your own set of magnetic eyelashes

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For “long, lush and perfectly natural” lashes, One Two Cosmetic’s Founder Lashes are a good investment if you want to upgrade your current eyelash situation. They’re not cheap ($69 a pop), but people swear by them.

As one happy customer said: “The best thing to happen to my makeup routine…Even on no makeup days, they’re super quick and easy to put on once you get the hang of it and are so comfortable and lightweight to wear.”

For something more affordable, but just as good, try Magnetic Accents from Ardell. These aren’t full lashes, but half lashes. So, they’re much easier to apply since you’re dealing with a lot less stuff. Plus, they’re perfect if you’re not looking for a dramatic, over-the-top look.

You can find Ardell magnetic lashes online and even in the beauty departments of local stores.

LashFX is another leading magnetic lash brand and their Bella set gives you instant and effortless glamour. They’re inspired by model, Bella Hadid, while their Meghan Magnetise set takes Meghan Markle as their muse.

Tutorials to apply magnetic lashes

If the idea of applying magnets to your lashes freaks you out, check out these tutorials:

How to Apply Full Strip Magnetic Lashes

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes HUGE TRICK!

Magnetic eyelashes are new and different, but some women love them. There’s no glue involved, but you still get voluminous lashes. Sounds like a win-win, right?

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