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Clogs and mules have come a long way from their humble wooden beginnings. They may have been the go-to shoes for peasants and farmers, but after they hit runways in the spring 2017 season, fashionistas the world over began strutting their stuff in these “ugly” shoes.

It’s true that spring is behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make clogs a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe, too. If you’re not sure how to wear clogs without looking silly, we’ve got you covered with 9 fashionable outfit ideas.

  1. Bright Colored Clogs

Clogs are different, so don’t try to hide them by wearing them in subtle colors. Instead, make a bold, brave statement with brightly colored clogs. This works best with monochrome wardrobe. If you tend to wear a lot of black, white and neutral tones, you can spice up your minimal look with a fiery pair of clogs, as The Anna Edit does.

Estee Lalonde also adds a nice touch of color to her otherwise black and white outfit scheme with a soft pink, velvety pair of mules.

If you are a retro-lover, then you will love these Sandgrens red retro clogs will brighten up any outfit without looking tacky! In short, clogs and mules can be your accent color in an otherwise monochrome world.

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  1. Animal Print Clogs

If you’d rather be a bit bold and daring, why not go for a real statement piece by wearing clogs with bold and brazen patterns? Self-expression can come in the form of animal prints, floral prints or chevron. If you work within the medical field, animal print clogs can be a fun way to snazz up your scrubs.

  1. Vintage 70’s Vibe

If the retro look appeals to you, you can wear clogs to create a vintage 70’s outfit. Wooden, leather or natural-toned colors keep your shoes looking low-key, while you play up the rest of your outfit.

Tunic tops that imitate native American prints, flared, bootleg jeans and chunky jewelry all complement a subtle pair of clogs very nicely.

  1. Glam It Up

Clogs have come a very long way, so if you don’t want to be mistaken for an Alpine maiden, offset the farm look with elegant office attire. You can wear black or navy clogs along with black trousers, pencil skirts, designer bags, and fine jewelry.

Not only are clogs a far more comfortable option than stilettos and heels, but they can also look very professional. Ankle straps and higher heels make clogs a perfect substitute for the standard office shoe. This swedish hasbeens model is a great example.

  1. Embrace the Rural

If your job allows, or if you just like a more casual style, pair your clogs with thermal, plaid tops. They also go nicely with boyfriend jeans or overalls, like fashion blogger, Caroline of Un-Fancy shows.

This kind of outfit is perfect for the next time you go pumpkin-picking, or whenever you just want to embrace the rural and feel comfortable and cozy.

  1. Clog’s Night Out

Are your legs your best asset? Highlight them with high heel clogs and a short skirt. Clogs might have started out as a country girl’s footwear, but now there are so many chic and fashionable styles to choose from.

Wear this glamorous gold pair from swedish hasbeens to feel sexy and glamorous.

  1. Comfortable Hygge Shoes

Hygge is all the rage lately. It’s the Scandinavian concept of coziness and comfort. Create a Hygge-influenced outfit with a pair of traditional clogs and a pair of chunky wool socks.

If your socks have a fun, wintery pattern, all the better! It’s a fun way to make a statement piece that embodies hominess and downtime.

  1. 1950’s with a Spin

Clogs can be so darned cute these days. Some are reminiscent of Mary Janes. Others come complete with ankle straps and floral cutout patterns.

Pair these with a full, midi skirt and a tucked in blouse. Channel your inner Ingrid Bergman or Grace Kelly, while also looking positively sweet and childlike.

  1. Go Minimal

A simple pair of black clogs goes exceptionally well with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. And you can skip the socks to create an effortlessly easy line from top to bottom.

Loose tops, baggy sweaters or even a fitted blazer all look great when you’re hitting the town with your clogs.

  1. Conscious Fashion

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The Swedish company, Hasbeens, produces high quality, stylish clogs that you, as a conscious consumer, can feel really good about. They use a lime tree and alder woods, as well as naturally tanned leather to make their shoes, all of which are handmade.

This growing company is inspired by the clogs of the 1970’s and is committed to offering modern day consumers a feel-good shoe, from an ethical viewpoint.

At Hasbeens, the clog is the inspiration behind their diverse shoe collection, which includes heels, boots, and sandals.

  1. West Coast Inspiration

Bryr Studio, in San Francisco, embraces slow fashion and produces made-to-order clogs, each pair created by their all-women team.

Bryr Studio exclusively uses US leather and creates clogs that are inspired by 1970’s California coastal style. Earthy, natural and simple, these clogs pair well with natural tones, denim, chambray, and linens.

For example, you can pair this gorgeous Glamaker's floral denim dress with a brand new pair of clogs. It will look divine!

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  1. All American Girl

The simplicity of brown or black leather clogs, along with a pair of tried and true denim jeans and a white tee is quintessentially American. It’s also a timeless, fail-proof outfit.

A basic clog also looks fantastic with black, skinny jeans and an oversized denim or white button-down top. These outfits are casual, classic and feminine without being too girly.

  1. Celebrity Inspiration

If you’re still on the fence about these trendy shoes, take some style inspiration from Hollywood’s A-listers. Actresses like Keri Russell, Rachel Bilson, Chloe Sevigny, and Christina Ricci have all been spotted sporting clogs.

Top models like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss pull them off. Fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, walks the streets of NYC in them. And bombshells like Eva Mendes and Kate Beckinsale offer clog inspiration to the reticent fashionistas.

You can wear clogs without looking silly. In fact, you’ll look amazing in them. Just follow these simple tips to make clogs a wonderful new addition to your wardrobe.

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