10 Home Improvements That Increase Your Home Value

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As the famous quote says, “there is no place like home.” True enough, we all value our homes because it is our safe space and our place of tranquility after a long, hard day. It is where we can be ourselves and be with the people that we love.

There are instances wherein you decide to renovate your home. Whether it is for aesthetics, home improvements, and maintenance, or future reselling purposes, this makes your home more beautiful and, if done right, can add more value.

Here are some simple, affordable home improvements that can add real value to your home.

Refresh and repaint

Repainting is one of the simplest yet most impactful home improvements out there. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt to paint either the exterior or the interior and not necessarily the whole house.

In the exterior, you may pressure wash to remove dirt and mold then touch up any flaking or chips. You may even include pressure washing the walkway, driveway, and patio. But if you wish to brighten up the place more, you can repaint the whole exterior and the front door to give your home a new look.

In the interior, you may repaint and choose a neutral color so that it is universally appealing. If you decide to sell your house, later on, neutral walls appeal to more buyers. Most people assume beige as the only neutral color, but there is a wide array of neutral shades out there in reality. It includes grays, taupes, whites, blacks, and even some pastels as well.

Add or improve landscaping

Plants, shrubs, and flowers are great ways to add beauty and value to your home's exterior too. A landscape not only makes the house eye-catching but also shows that the house is well maintained. In choosing which plants to get, opt for plants that are native to your area and those that require less water and care. These low-maintenance plants will save you not only money but time as well. If there are existing shrubs, trim them and vary the height of the plants.

Replace the roof

Replacing your roof increases your resale value and updates the home's appearance. If there are any leaks, a new roof will also do the trick in solving them. New high-technology roof materials also reflect summer heat, which gives you relief from utility bills.

Substitute the sidings

Are your sidings dilapidated? Substitute it with fiber-cement or vinyl sidings. These not only make your home more beautiful, but it also protects your home from winds, impact, mildew, and mold. New fiber-cement or vinyl sidings also recoup well at resale.

Change the windows

Replacing old windows that may have come with your house will refresh your home and is cost-efficient as well.  Go for new vinyl windows as it is sturdy and durable and offers superior thermal protection compared to wood or aluminum windows.  It can also reduce external noise and can block solar heat. Your home is also safer if you combine your vinyl windows with double-pane glass since it is not easily breakable compared to old windows.

Install new floors

Do you still have linoleum or carpeting flooring that looks dirty even after a thorough cleaning? You may want to invest a new flooring in upgrading your home. There are many options to choose from- you can get hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, or other materials. You may also check your existing flooring beneath the carpet and check if it's a wooden floor. If yes, you can refinish and restore it as it will be less expensive.  

Remodel your kitchen

You can easily remodel your kitchen without going bankrupt. You may start small by replacing kitchen faucets, cabinet knobs, drawer handles, and repainting kitchen cabinets. You may also buy new energy-efficient appliances that will lower your bills and be a good selling point if you decide to sell your home soon.

Enhance the bathroom

The bathroom is also one of the main areas of your home. You may enhance it by installing new faucets and showerheads, repainting the walls and cabinets, re-grouting the bathtub, removing old shower doors, and substituting bathroom vanity or lighting.

Convert your attic or basement

Everyone likes an additional space in a home, so why not convert your attic or basement into an extra bedroom, family room, home office, or workout area? Install the proper insulation, lighting, and fixtures to turn it into a new versatile place.

Add energy-saving appliances

A worthwhile upgrade to your home is to add energy-saving appliances. It refreshes not only the aesthetics of your abode but also helps you save money. Check out machines that reduce energy but still give a stellar performance. You enhance not only your home but also the earth.

Adding value to your beloved home need not drain your budget. All it takes is creativity, careful planning, and suitable materials and people to do the job. Improving and adding value to your home will not only benefit you now but in the future too.

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