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For ages, women have endured pain and suffering to meet society’s beauty standards. Unfortunately, that’s still the case today as women strut their stuff in stilettos. The health-damaging qualities of this sexy shoe are widely acknowledged, but that doesn’t keep lots of women from donning this towering footwear.

So, is there a way to wear heels without compromising your health? Is there such thing as healthy heels after all?

What High Heels Do To Your Body

High heels can cause damage to your back, legs, ankles, Achilles heel and toes. That’s because when your ankle is much higher than your toes, it can throw off your body’s alignment and force it to adapt to unnatural positions. Podiatrists often see foot injuries caused solely by high heels.

What’s more, they can be difficult to walk in and women can easily trip and fall while wearing their Louboutin’s.

Why High Heels Are So Attractive to Women

High heels aren’t all bad though. Wearing heels also comes with some desirable benefits. Let’s take a look.

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Heels Have a Slimming Effect

High heels elongate your legs and force your back to curve a little bit more than it would normally. This creates an attractive silhouette and adds inches to your natural height.

Heels Strengthen Leg Muscles

Wearing these shoes gives your calf muscles a workout. You might notice that your legs tone up nicely, and you may even shed some of the fat on your legs if you wear them frequently.

Heels Equal Girl Boss Confidence

For some women, heels just make you feel like a girl boss. They’re what you want to wear on a date, to an interview, or whenever you’re feeling slightly insecure.

That’s because heels make you feel more confident. Standing taller and looking taller helps you feel better, and this is one of the positive, psychological effects of high heels.

Stilettos Are Sexy

This study found that men are more likely to help women wearing heels. And the higher the heel, the better.

Why’s that? Men (and women) find high heels to be more sexy and attractive. Wearing them can give some women a competitive edge over their flat-shoe opponents.

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How to Look Sexy Without Suffering

High heels help women to feel more sexy and confident, but that doesn’t mean the inevitable pain from wearing these shoes disappears. In fact, looking and feeling confident comes at a painful price for many women.

But does it have to be this way? There are tips you can try to look fabulous without feeling uncomfortable.

  1. Wear a Variety Of Shoes

If possible, don’t wear high heels all day, every day. Your job might require it, but see if you can alternate between the required heels and other equally fabulous flats.

  1. Wear Commuter Shoes

So, your job requires high heels? That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them to and from work, lunch and everything else that’s happening during your day.

Wear high heels when you absolutely have to, but then switch out to more comfortable walking shoes. Many business women pack sneakers and trainers with them to give their feet a much-needed break outside of the office.

  1. Look for Scientifically Developed Shoes

Women are tired of feeling pain in order to look good. That’s why Dolly Singh, CEO of Thesis Couture, started a shoe company that produces high-quality heels that are actually healthy and safe for women to wear. Singh teamed up with Dr. Joan Oloff, a podiatrist, and shoe designer, as well as some Italian shoemakers, to create a shoe range that women can be proud of.

Are they cheap? Not exactly. But they’re getting rave reviews, and it’s about time women had a better option for their feet.

  1. Try Exercises to Support Your Feet

Who better to give advice on post-heel recovery than those who walk the Red Carpet?

Gwyneth Paltrow offers five exercises to support your feet, and medical professionals approve it. When it comes to preventing shin splints and stress fractures, Paltrow’s got you covered. She also offers stretches for your calves and peroneal.

  1. Shorter Heels

The higher your heel is above your toes, you’re more likely to feel uncomfortable and get injured. Opting for a heel height of 3 inches or less is a good compromise though.

While you’re looking for shorter heels, consider other important factors. Does the shoe support your arches? What about the ball of your foot?

And those little toes? There’s a lot of pressure on your toes. And if the shoe is too pointy, you can cut off blood circulation and cause deformations. Instead, look for rounder toes that allow your feet to breath.

  1. Get Support

Whether you wear your heels for 10 minutes, 2 hours, or even longer, try to add additional support and cushioning to your heels. An inexpensive shoe insole can make a world of difference for your comfort level. Look for inserts that support the ball of the foot, too.

  1. Look for Wider Heels

Thin high heels put a lot of strain on the calves and put tons of pressure on your little toes. Experts recommend wearing a wider heel. This way, all of this pressure is more evenly distributed, and your pain is greatly reduced. And do you know what that means? More pleasure and less pain.

  1. Choose Materials Carefully

Plastics, like polyurethane, look glossy and sexy, but they’re not breathable or great for your feet. Instead, you can wear leathers and suede materials. They stretch and breathe a bit more, and are a healthier high heel option.

  1. Why Not Wear Wedges?

The wedge isn’t exactly a high heel, but this fun shoe adds healthy height to your both day and evening look. This is especially true if the shoe is made with cork material or substances that give way more easily.

No woman wants to suffer while she looks glamorous and fab. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up style and look frumpy. With these nine tips, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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