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Six Tips for Decorating With Crystals

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Decorating with crystals is a fantastic way to incorporate an elemental, boho vibe into your decor. These diverse, stunning decor pieces have become increasingly popular in interior design over the past year due to their ethereal beauty and versatility.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate crystals into your decor, here are six tips to get you started.

Choose pieces that stand out

Crystals are like snowflakes: no two are alike. Even the most common crystals (see the 10 Most Popular Crystals – FossilEra.com recommends) have different characteristics that make them unique. Variances in size and shape, as well as markings and “flaws,” are what make crystals so special.

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Don’t hesitate to choose some of the more popular types of crystals for your decor. Just look for pieces that stand out and speak to you in some way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and only you can decide which crystal is best for your needs.

Capture the light

One of the aspects of crystal decor elements that make them so appealing is how they capture and throw light. That’s why you should place them in well-lit areas when decorating.

If possible, place your crystals near a window where they’ll capture natural light. If this isn’t an option, place the crystals near lamps, candles, and mirrors to give them a mystical glow. Using light refraction in decor creates the illusion of space and can really bring a room to life.

Incorporate them into other decor elements

When you’re decorating with crystals, don’t limit yourself to only creating crystal-centric pieces and arrangements. You can use them with other decor elements to create structured arrangements.

As previously mentioned, candles and mirrors are common for creating a cohesive design piece. You can also use terrariums, zen gardens, candle holders, and simple bowls to display your crystals.

Over the past two years, more designers are creating a balanced, Feng Shui inspired look in homes by incorporating various natural elements into each room. Place your crystals around plants, small fountains, natural wood, and other stone features for a balanced look.

Create dedicated areas

You may wish to put your crystal collection on display, apart from the rest of your decor. One of the best ways to do this is to use unique shelving structures to showcase your crystals.

For an ultra-modern look, use staggered floating shelves on the wall. If you like a more rustic approach, use natural wood frames and boxes. Finally, for a whimsical, magical approach, consider alternative shelving shapes, such as a triangle or circular displays.

Get crafty

When decorating with crystals, you’ll have the opportunity to get creative. Many crystal-lovers choose to use their creative talents to evolve their crystals into a new, unique decor piece.

Wall hangings and tapestries have made a strong comeback in interior design over the past year. Thread your crystals onto a dowel for a wall hanging that stuns. Using the same approach, you can create a simple crystal wind chime to hang in your window and capture the light.

Consider converting larger crystals, such as geodes and agates, into succulent planters and coasters. The only limit to creating with crystals will be your imagination and skills.

Use contrasting shapes and colors

Using contrasting shapes, colors, and types of crystals will add dimension to your decor and create a versatile display. Create settings with a combination of large, eye-catching crystals and smaller accessory stones.

Scatter pyrite and celestite for a glittering display that invokes visions of treasure. Azurite is an incredible accent crystal that pops in any decor setting. Smoky quartz is a fan-favorite for decor and goes well with citrine, whether natural or heat-treated.

Sparkle and shine

Crystals can work with any decor style. With so many options to choose from, the biggest challenge you’ll face is limiting yourself to a few to start. Build your collection over time and revisit your displays for a constantly evolving interior design scheme.

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