6 Amazing Baby Gadgets Every New Mom Will Love

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Having a new baby is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying moment in a new mom’s life. You’re happy and ecstatic with the little bundle of joy that has joined your family, but you’re also worried about those 2 am feedings and how best to curtail all the screaming and crying jags.

While lots of old-school wisdom still apply, new gadgets available on the market can still help things a great deal. Here are a few of the best tools that should belong in a newborn baby shopping list for every new mom.

Baby nail trimmer

Having to trim your baby’s nails is anxiety-inducing. You need to be gentle, and while it’s tempting to ignore their nails and just avoid having to trim them all together, that’s not advisable.

Babies can scratch themselves with their nails, and they are also incredibly vulnerable to any kind of bacteria that is caught underneath them. Circumvent all that trouble by grabbing a nail trimmer specially made for babies.

Sound machine

A light and sound machine is a sure-fire way to ensure that your baby at least tries to make it through the night and get some sleep. There are so many models to choose from, but keep your eyes peeled for something that offers a wealth of soothing sounds and soft lights to help lull them to sleep.

It’s a good idea to look into large and well-known chains that sell products that you can rely on. Target, for instance, does provide promo codes at times, and this is something you want to get in on because it provides you with really great offers and discounts.

Luckily, these gadgets are also affordable and you can just add a promo code on the Target website and get your hands on one ASAP. These machines also work wonders for adults as well and can ensure that everyone gets some sleep. 

Weaning system

The early stages of your baby’s life are intense ones for them. Pacifiers are essential in helping to soothe them and can be used till they are three years old.

However, after that, you’ll need something else to help them feel better as they start the painful process of teething in earnest. A weaning system certified by a pediatric dentist is bound to be the perfect thing for them to overcome some of the worst pain as they get older.

Snotsucker kit

Babies get sick and stuffy all the time. Unlike adults, they don’t yet have the capacity to just grab a box of tissues and blow their noses. In this case, a snot sucker kit is extremely helpful.

It’s exactly as it sounds, a mechanism that gently and quickly clears up the nasal passageways with as minimal irritation as possible.

Hipseat baby carrier

You’ve surely seen all those typical baby carriers that allow you to hug your toddler close as you go about running errands. One gadget that is gaining traction with new moms is the hip seat baby carrier.

This handy carrier allows you to nestle your baby right on your hip comfortably, without straining your arms. It’s a great way to keep the baby close without creating a ton of back pain and other issues.

Silicone training spoon

As your baby begins the long, arduous process of feeding themselves, you will need to find a tool that helps by literally bending to their will. A soft, silicone spoon is a great way for a baby to begin training themselves on how to eat certain foods and learning to get a grip on the handle.

Parenting is tough, but luckily we live in an age wherein plenty of gadgets are made available every day in order to make life easier.

The gadgets listed above are guaranteed to offer much-needed relief to both mother and child and give you the time necessary to focus on other things, like the business of growing up.

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