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Not everyone is after a modern minimalist living room, a neutral-toned space, or a monotone living environment. Some long for vibrancy, bright colors, exquisite textures, or even vintage beauty.

So, in this article, we've rounded up some of the most unique living room interior themes for those who are after something more than the most trending options.

The Retro Retreat

Velvet pink sofas, fluffy walls, and vibrant shag rugs all fit into a retro retreat living room design theme. But if vacuuming the walls doesn't sound like a fun chore for you, you can also consider retro patterned wallpaper.

Chrome chandelier lighting, a few trippy patterned floor cushions, and textured scatter cushions will complete the look.

The Boho Sanctuary

The bohemian living theme has become pretty popular over the past few years, but most take this trend outside to the patio area or half-do things with a few hippie decor touches.

If you're after a real boho living room, there's absolutely no need for sofas at all. Opt for floor cushions in natural tones and in varying sizes. Moreover, choose drapes with a lot of texture and flow, stick to a natural color theme, and add a low coffee table for the base of the room.

Next, add a few mandala wall covers, some textured cushions, and an area rug with intricate detail.

Industrial Chic

Brown leather sofas, classic wall clocks, and wood and chrome furnishings make the ideal industrial chic living room space. But if you want to take things to the next level with this unique interior theme, have bare brick accent walls, exposed piping, and hardwood flooring.

Back To Vintage

Vintage home is absolutely enchanting for most, with delicate patterns and mirrors that are larger than life. Back then, intricacy was the goal when crafting furniture and decorating homes.

Opt for wooden seating with patterned cushions. Next, install wallpaper with intricate patterns, and choose a chandelier that demands attention. Vintage rugs are also pretty easy to find.

And if you aren't fond of the color displayed in vintage interiors, you can opt for a darker, gothic vintage approach that keeps colors dark and monotone without stealing from the twirls and intricacy of it all. Candles are also a must for this type of home interior theme.

Abstract Bliss

Abstract and contemporary living spaces are a lot more modern than most other interior design options on this list, but they're also a lot easier to create and keep clean.

Opt for sectional sofas, a contemporary designed area rug, glass coffee tables, and chrome side tables, and tie it all together with larger-than-life abstract canvas paintings that capture your attention.

There are so many different interior design ideas out there to choose from. And if you're finding it a bit tricky to pick one, have a look through unique interior design theme lookbooks and choose something that resonates with your personality. Otherwise, you can always contact an interior designer to help you bring your unique ideas to life.

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