8 Stylish & Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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If there’s one room that sets the tone for the rest of your home, it’s definitely the living room. It’s not only where you snuggle up on the sofa to watch tv after a long day, but it is also where you entertain friends, gather with family members, and is the first room guests of any kind are welcomed to when they step foot into your home.

A memorable living room has a style and personal touch that lets you know that you’re in a place like no other. A modern living room doesn’t have to be luxurious to be stylish.

Still, it can be tough to find the right look, which is why Pedini Miami will be guiding you through some basics on how to keep your place looking fresh and modern with our essential living room design ideas.

What does a modern living room look like?

So, what even is a modern living room? We all have our preferences when it comes to colors and aesthetics, so it goes beyond just the visual.

How you optimize your living space is ultimately what will keep it feeling vivid and modernized. Playing with different layouts and storage options will help personalize your living room design and bring new life to it.

Popular living room trends

For stylistic references, many recurring trends happening right now are revolving around living room design. In their compilation of this year’s hottest living room design ideas, Decor Aid featured natural materials, earthy tones, and geometric styles as key trends for the year.

Modern and stylish living room design ideas

Here are some living room ideas we at Pedini Miami recommend to modernize your living space with assorted plants, shelves, cabinets, and more.

Idea #1: Go green

If your living room is lacking in color, sprucing it up with some of your favorite plants will surely liven it up.

Go easy, if you’re new to the plant game. Look into lower-maintenance plants, like succulents, which don’t require a lot of watering. Slowly, you can work your way to keeping beautiful fig trees, ferns, and spider plants as well, which are two very popular living room plants, per Elle Decor.

Idea #2: Show off your interests

Often, we don’t need to shop to switch things up at home, just dig deeper into what we already own.

Are you a collector of any sort? Vinyl connoisseur? Comic book nerd? Show it off and turn your living room into a museum of you. Lay out your favorite books on a chic coffee table and frame old posters that will give a personal touch to your living room.

Idea #3: Shelves

Shelves are an easy way to make any room more interesting without taking up a lot of space, such as in lofts and studio apartments.

If you have many cherished picture frames and books, having them up on some shelves will transform your wall and make the room feel much more organized.

Idea #4: Cabinets

Living room cabinets are a fun way to play with the open storage trend in your living room. Make your entertainment center stand out with Pedini Miami’s storage cabinets.

Pedini’s Italian-designed cabinets come in many stylish offerings like sliding door cabinets, sleek ones made in glass, and cupboards made of reclaimed hardwood.

Idea #5: Metallic accents

If earthy tones or bright hues are not your things, go minimal with neutrals. When contrasted by metallic accents, these stand out even more, giving your living space a sleek and mature look that’s also very sophisticated.

Idea #6: Play with textiles

If you’re all about comfort, rugs can be an earthy and cozy complement to your sofas and love seats.

When shopping for a rug that’ll pop in your living room, make sure the color and shape suit the rest of your furniture and the overall aesthetic of the space.

Idea #7: Wall units

If you have a specific vision for your living room, custom modern wall units will allow you to bring this to life.

Pedini Miami has crafted some of the finest wall unit designs in Miami, from bars to entertainment centers. All of these are made using quality materials and accents to give your room the feel of a luxury modern living room in Miami.

Idea #8: More art, fewer electronics

Though many of us center our living rooms around our flat-screen televisions, this can often make it the centerpiece of our homes.

Look into some art pieces depending on your budget. You won’t have to go to a gallery to find some breathtaking sculptures, paintings, and more pieces for your home.

Thrift stores and flea markets are a great way to shop for local and second-hand art that can transform your home and inspire creativity.

Other designs tips

Here are a couple of additional tips that will help you keep your living room fresh and modern:

  • Illuminate your living room with statement lamps.
  • Allow your living room to have different sections, like one for reading, one for watching television, and another for chatting and hosting.
  • Set a color palette with which to base off the whole room.
  • Make use of statement pieces, like throw pillows and mirrors to vamp the space up.
  • Be careful with how many different patterns you incorporate into your decor, as too many can clash with each other.


We spend countless hours of our lives with our loved ones in our living rooms, which means it’s important that it feels like us. Keeping our living room space up to date can be scary, but as we’ve shared with you, it’s totally possible with the right tips in mind.

Changes, both big and small, can make an enormous difference at home. If you’re already feeling inspired to start reinventing your living room space, these were just a preview of all you can do to revamp your home and personalize it to your liking. For more ideas on how to use cabinets and wall units at home, feel free to browse through Pedini Miami’s catalog online.

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