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Even though sex toys have only graduated from taboo status relatively recently, people have been getting creative with dildos for thousands of years. Now, we’re lucky enough to live in a time where they have reached peak efficiency and design!

Sex toys are a fun way to explore different sensations, textures, and scenarios that simply aren’t possible with mere fingers, toes, and other miscellaneous body parts alone.

Even though toy-free sexual intercourse can be extremely magical and rewarding, trying out new things is part of what keeps adult relationships alive and exciting. If you and your partner are looking to spice up your sex life, here are five sexy toy activities and games for you to try.

Scavenger Hunt

To play this game, you’ll need a variety of different sex toys and lingerie. Start by blindfolding or sending away your partner so that they can’t see you plot the hunt.

Then, set to work hiding your selection of sexy treats all over the house. Make little scavenger hunt clues to go with each one, hinting at where to find the next. When you’re ready, let your partner loose and follow them through the circuit, using or wearing each item as you go.


Stretching out foreplay for as long as possible is a great way to amplify orgasms. You can do exactly that by setting a timer for 10 minutes and using your toys on each other during that window—but neither of you is allowed to orgasm until that buzzer goes off.

There are many researched benefits to extending foreplay sessions, and this timer game is the perfect way to start incorporating it into your sex life.

Jar of Desire

This is a great game for busy couples who want something simple to draw out over a long period of time. When you both have a moment, sit down together and write out 10-15 sex toys,  positions, scenarios, questions, or things you’d like to try, and put them all into the jar.

Throughout the week or month, you can take turns picking a random suggestion and playing it out with your partner. This is a very balanced way to approach new toys, share a new kink, or explore scenarios that you struggle to bring up in the moment, thus creating a safe space to explore together.

Mystery Toy Box

If you have a few different toys to experiment with, this is a great game to play. Start by blindfolding your partner and getting them into a comfortable position.

Then, take your sex toys one by one, and tantalize your partner with them. Their job is to guess which toy you are using—and you’re not allowed to stop until they figure it out!

Find the Honey

Food play lovers, unite! Or anyone who’s interested in a little bit of sticky experimentation. This game requires some high quality natural honey, a blindfold, a sex toy (or several) of your choosing, and a cover to protect your surfaces from the honey.

In this game, one person must first put on a blindfold. Then the other person strips down and gets into a comfortable position. They then place a big spoonful of honey on a secret location of their body, and it becomes the blindfolded partner’s job to search the body for that honey, using only their tongue and chosen sex toy.

Sex Toys Can Enhance And Strengthen Your Relationship: Here’s How

Some people are surprised to discover that sex toys are good for much more than just fleeting pleasure. Used in the right circumstances and with the right intention, they can also be powerful tools for strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

Let’s take a look at four ways the consensual, intentional use of sex toys can improve your relationship dynamic:

Improves communication

One of the most notable things about sex toys other than their orgasm-stimulating abilities is that they start a discussion. You and your partner will need to discuss limits, preferences, ideas, and concerns before using a new toy or trying out a sexy new activity.

This gives both of you the opportunity to reassess your personal and relationship boundaries in a supportive setting, both of which can improve communication and bring you closer together.

Inspires creativity and experimentation

Research shows that couples who grow together stay together. Exploring new experiences, games, toys, and positions not only gets you both into a creative headspace but also encourages you to try out things together that maybe you’d never do alone.

Exploring new things requires vulnerability and courage, which are important values to share as a couple. As long as you are both 100% consenting and comfortable about trying something new, exploring uncharted territory as a team can only make you stronger.

More orgasms!

Orgasms are important for so many reasons. Of course, there’s the obvious one; they feel great! But they are worth so much more than that.

Orgasms flood your brain with oxytocin and dopamine, alleviate pain, help you sleep better, and boost your mood. This can deepen your emotional connection to your partner and help you feel closer, even in the face of stress or distance.

Having regular orgasms is good for both personal and relationship health. And it just so happens that sex toys are experts at stimulating them!

It’s Never A Bad Time To Spice It Up

Sex toys aren’t essential for leading a healthy, fulfilling sex life with your partner. However, when used in the right way, they certainly can help. All relationships have their ups and downs, and sexual intimacy isn’t a given; it’s something you both have to work on to create over time.

Using toys and playing sex games can not only enhance your emotional and sexual connection to each other, but they can also introduce some much-needed levity and fun to your lives.

If you and your partner are looking for a simple, effective, and feel-good way to explore each other’s bodies, give one of the spicy activities on this list a go.

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