4 Tips to Improve Your Garage

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Often, people look at their garage as simply a place to store a car and chuck items that are unwanted in their homes. However, a garage can be so much more than this. It doesn’t have to be a messy junk storage space or just a box room with a car inside it.

Instead, a garage can be an awesome extension of your home. It can be a well-designed and well-thought-out place for more than just storage. You can use your garage for so much more than that. Let’s take a look at 4 awesome tips to help you improve your garage.

Why upgrade your garage?

If you’re still thinking “why bother upgrading my garage?” There’s another great reason – it can add loads of value to your home. Imagine you are looking to purchase a home. You walk around and everything is perfect. The bedrooms are lovely, the yard is beautiful.

Then, you walk into the garage and it’s dirty, old, tired, and looks like it needs loads of work. This could easily put you off buying the house or make you put in a lower offer. 

So, if you have a garage that sounds a bit like this, you may encounter the same problem. You could spend just a small amount of money improving your garage and in return add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. It’s a win-win. Not only do you get a much more enjoyable space to use, but you also increase value for the future. 

Sort the floor

One of the easiest and best ways to upgrade your garage space is to improve the flooring. As the epoxy flooring specialists over at https://craftsmanconcretefloors.com/epoxy-garage-floors state, an epoxy garage floor can transform “your “average” concrete floor into a luxury garage space guaranteed to withstand years of abuse while still impressing your neighbours.” Once again, a win-win!

These types of floors are cost-effective from start to finish. In the first place, they are relatively cheap to install. It will take a specialist team just a few hours to set your new flooring in place.

Then, the flooring is ready to take whatever beating you give it for a super long time. You won’t need repairs and touch-ups. So, these floors look professional and last a really long time. A perfect garage upgrade.

Get proper storage

Next, consider storage options in your garage. Often, people have old cardboard and plastic boxes full of years of junk. Maybe you’re not ready to throw all these memories away just yet, and that’s fine. But, you definitely could be storing them better.

First off, consider a shelving unit of some kind. Metal shelving units with drawers, shelves, and hooks are a great place to start. If you can fit one in, this can be a great way of storing tools, paints, and all those little bits you want to keep safe. 

If this doesn’t work, install some shelving at an appropriate height. You don’t want to be pulling a heavy storage box down from a 10ft shelf. Then, install hooks on the walls to keep all those tools tidy.

Insulation and ventilation

Garages are often an afterthought or simply not constructed to the same quality as the rest of a home. This means they are almost always the coldest part of the house. To prevent this, have some insulation installed. It will keep the cold at bay and keep the heat inside the garage.

Ventilation is key, too, as there’s often dust and carbon monoxide build-up when working in a garage. Make sure you have a vent or a functioning door to prevent this.

Upgrade the lighting

All too often, you’ll see someone working in their garage with one standard bulb poorly illuminating the entire space. This is not only hard work, but it is also extremely dangerous. You don’t want to be using powerful tools in a dimly lit room!

One great option is to install LED lighting. LEDs are super bright and use a fraction of the energy of traditional filament bulbs. They are relatively inexpensive, too. Plus, LED lights often have the ability to be dimmed and brightened whenever you need them. Nice and versatile for your nice new versatile space!

As you can see, these garage upgrades are not only easy, but they are also cost and energy-efficient. You can create a great, eco, long-lasting space that is a proper extension of your home, instead of having a bleak and dreary box garage.

There’s no doubt that these garage upgrades will improve your quality of life and the value of your home.

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