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Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s that time of year when we all start brainstorming ideas for the perfect Halloween costume.

So, if you’re in the market to wow the crowds this year, airbrush makeup might be your ticket to a fabulously scary Halloween ensemble. And don’t worry, if the idea of airbrush makeup scares you, we’ve got you covered with lots of spooktacular ideas and easy tips.

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1. Embrace the Blood

Because airbrushing paints come in such a wide variety of colors, you can easily create a gory appearance that would make Tarantino proud.

Shades of blues and reds allow you to look like a true zombie.

As you can see, the precision of airbrushing allows you to make bruises, scars, cuts, scrapes, and gashes that look ghastly realistic.

With makeup like this, it's completely impossible you wouldn't stun someone. It looks simply awesome!

2. Scary Skulls

It wouldn’t be Halloween with skeletons, skulls, and bones, right? With some careful airbrushing, you can create a look that is simply spooky.

But being skeletal this Halloween doesn’t mean you have to look gaunt and boring with the typical skull design. You can be aloof, cool and totally artistic with looks like this:

3. Dia de Los Muertos Makeup

Mix bright florals and colors with scary skulls to create a Mexican-inspired face that is positively dreadful.

You can play with deep blues and teals, bright reds and oranges, and have fun with different design patterns including scalloped edging, leaves, flowers and other embellishments.

4. Delicate and Lovely Design

If gore isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer something a little easier going, you can opt for something like a butterfly or floral design on your face.

Stencils make it easy for both amateurs and experts to create something artistic and inviting rather than frightening.

You can even be a fairy or princess-inspired character and grace everyone you see.

And don’t think that by going with the floral and feather route, you’re going to skimp out and look like you had your face painted at the local county fair. You can be a showstopper with peacock designs like this one:

What makes this makeup even more awesome, is the flexibility and elegance. Imagine the gorgeous outfit that would fit with this style – the result will be amazing!

5. Wild at Heart

If a lion or zebra has always been your spirit animal, there’s no better time than Halloween to unite with your inner animal spirit and have some fun, too. You can even morph between a fish and a mermaid, depending on your Halloween mood.

Stencils make it easy to paint on stripes, spots and furry patterns for a truly exotic look. The cool aspect of airbrushing is that you get to decide how far out you what to go.

Going as your favorite animal doesn’t mean you have to step out in a lion or leopard costume. A cute fawn or woodland dweller will do just fine, too.

6. Be Your Favorite Character

Is there a favorite movie character, or pop culture figure you go gaga for? You can easily transform yourself into your idol for a night (or two) and who knows, you may even attract your own paparazzi. Tutorials like this one or this one break it down for you and give you all the airbrush guidance necessary to pull off even advanced looks.

What’s more, if you’ve always idolized women like Cleopatra or Lady Gaga, now’s your chance to take the spotlight. If you want to look golden and bronze, this breathtaking artistry will give you an instant, Egyptian goddess vibe.

Or, you can go with something a little more recent with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” look:

Finally, instead of just wearing a super hero’s cape, you can become Wonder Woman, too.

After all, what could be more awesome than to display your feminine strength with such makeup?

7. Extraterrestrial Invasion

Aliens are always a favorite when it’s time to dress up for Halloween. And over the decades, pop culture has dished out a nice variety of Martians to choose from. Whether you choose the more ethereal look, the classic ET look or something a bit more exotic, airbrushing can be the perfect way to bring out your inner alien.

8. Modern Art

If pop art is your thing, create a fun, graphic look with the help of some carefully chosen colors and the precision which airbrushing allows.

Or, you can break the rules and create a one-of-a-kind look that will make you look like a true work of art.

Are you into sketches, black and white prints and all things art school? If so, this could be a fun look to try this Halloween:

What about Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein? Are they some of your favorite artists? If so, you can pull off a look that evokes their unmistakable, iconic styles.

And since you can use airbrush paint on the rest of your body, too, you can even morph into a pop art zombie to spice things up a bit.

9. Starry Nights

If galaxies and faraway places have always inspired you, why not bring the Milky Way closer to home this Halloween? Celestial designs and glittering colors are a beautiful way to dress up when everyone else is going for the Grim Reaper look.

What more do you need than the sun, the moon, and all the pretty stars?

10. The Ultimate Wow Factor Airbrush Makeup for Halloween

If tiger stripes and floral designs are a bit too beginners for you, and you’re ready for a bit more of a challenge, there are some amazing and stunning options for you.

Become a little narcissistic with this flipped reflection:

Here, you’ll look like you’ve come straight out of a comic book strip. And who knows, you might even want to keep this look going well after Halloween:

Without a doubt, no one else will have look like this prismatic work of airbrushing artistry.

If you think about it, Halloween is your one and only opportunity to pull out the stops and go all out. When you use airbrush makeup for Halloween, you can take your Halloween costume to a whole other level and wow the crowds.

PS: Of course makeup isn't the only component of an awesome Halloween look. Your hair should get the same cool treatment! Ogle School has prepared this great infographic that gives detailed guidelines for some of the most popular hairstyles. Pair these with airbrush makeup and you'll be good to go!

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