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It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through 2018, but it’s true. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? And designers are already talking about the home decor trends for 2019. So, to give you a head start on your 2019 home decor plans, here are 17 trends you can expect to see soon.

  1. Natural wood

Crisp and clean white kitchens have been the trend over the last several years, but they’re slowly giving way to a more natural look.

Natural, light wood surfaces give kitchens a more relaxed feel. And if you like Scandinavian interiors, you’re in luck. Natural wood will take a cultural cue from them.

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  1. Curves

Instead of straight lines and angular pieces, curves will grace many of 2019’s furniture pieces, giving them a rounder, softer shape.

But this doesn’t go for just comfy love seats, armchairs, and sofas. Curves will be a design feature for mirrors and frames, too.

  1. Sage green

The ultimate leader of color trends, Pantone, introduced a vibrant green color, appropriately named “Greenery” back in 2017. But this color will be sticking around well into 2019.

This verdant shade called sage green will find it’s way into home decor via real plants, fake plants, pillows and wall colors.

  1. Plants, plants, plants

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Plants have the power to transform just about any living space. Depending on the plant, the room can become an elegant, welcoming, relaxing and even friendly place.

So, whether you opt for fake greenery or household plants, it’s one way your home will be on trend next year.

  1. Stand-out ceilings

2019 ceilings will make you want to look up. That’s because ceilings will be statement pieces all on their own. It’s a fun way to make the room super interesting without having to look at dizzying walls covered in busy designs.

  1. Wall suspensions

Gallery walls and framed prints will take a back seat to wall hangings. Wall hangings aren’t particularly new, but the trend for 2019 will be geometric color block hangings.

These can offer a minimal and modern alternative to the typical bohemian wall hangings.

  1. Earthy colors

It comes as no surprise that earthy colors will dominate 2019 home decor. After all, earth colors are consistent with four other decor predictions: natural wood, plants, and sage green.

Expect to see warm beige shades, various green hues and more.

  1. Terrazzo walls

Just as statements moved from the wall to the ceilings, a popular 1980s floor covering is moving from the ground to the wall. Back in the 80s, terrazzo was a cement flooring filled in with a mix of random bits of debris.

Now, a white wall is the backdrop for soft pastel spots and blotches. And walls won’t be the only home area decked out with terrazzo. Other terrazzo pieces include lighting fixtures, too.

  1. Matte black

Sage green isn’t the only color trend coming up. According to the World’s Global Style Network (WGSN), matte black is set to be 2019’s “it” color.

A bold, black door or a matte black lamp are ways this color can integrate into home decor.

  1. Black walls

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With matte black entering the scene, you can go all out and paint an entire wall with this contrasting color.

If you’re not sure whether it will work in your home, consider having a black wall where there is ample light. This prevents the room from feeling too dark.

Another way to keep the room feeling lively and relevant is to style it with bright decor, furniture, and flooring.

  1. Multitasking mirrors

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WGSN shares another 2019 decor secret: mirrors are going to do more than show off you and your beautiful home. Mirrors will start to become active members of the ever-evolving smart home movement.

According to WGSN, “Don’t be surprised if come 2019 you hear your mirror telling you you’re running low on vitamin D or running late for that crucial meeting while you’re brushing your teething in the morning!”

  1. Retro vibes

Designers and interior decorators will lean towards retro design in 2019, too.

So, along with curved and rounded furniture, you’ll see plenty of warmth and softness in colors, fabrics, and textures.

  1. Sustainable fabrics

Sustainable fabrics, including animal-free leathers and worm-free silks, will gain traction next year.

So, vegans can celebrate, and so can everyone else who is committed to creating a more sustainable living experience both for themselves and for everyone else on the planet – including animals, too!

  1. Multifunctional and compact furniture

Inspired by nomadic lifestyle, one furniture trend for 2019 are pieces that are compact and multifunctional. They’re artistic and flexible – perfect for the minimal, on-the-go lifestyles, which tend to take up smaller spaces.

  1. Marble-like surfaces and finishes

Using a special technique involving tempered, extra light glass, these Liquefy tables look like fine marble. And this look may sneak into 2019, too.

Sure, you might not be able to get your hands on these designer pieces, but other brands will definitely hop on the bandwagon and make this trend available.

  1. Saturated red

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In general, you’ll notice that bolder, braver colors are making a comeback. Whereas earlier interiors were dominated by crisp whites and gentle pastels, colors like green, red and black are making their way into 2019 home interiors. That’s not to say that white and pastel walls won’t endure. It’s just that these bold colors are now allowed and welcome.

So, you can say goodbye to soft and subtle millennial pink. That’s because the rich, saturated color of red is stepping in to take over. It will add an instant pop of unmissable color to just about every room. Consider using red for chairs, side tables, lamps, statement walls, throws and even wall hangings.

  1. Ethnic and tribal patterns

Earthy colors and natural wood surfaces are making a comeback in 2019. And what better way to decorate these toned down spaces than with vibrant ethnic and tribal patterns? They’ll look especially bold when they’re made with black, white and caramel colors.

So, there you have it. 17 trends for 2019 home decor. Which ones are you most excited about?

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