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Though summer is undeniably great, there's some mysterious magic in fall. As soon as leaves start turning orange and the air gets chilly, it seems as if anything is possible. Pumpkin spice latte, fluffy scarves, hot chocolate – there's a lot to love about fall!

Fall makes you feel as if life is a big Hallmark movie. Whimsical, warm, and just purely good!

Now is the best time to start thinking about autumn decor and bringing a little bit of that magic into your home.

Here are some of our favorite fall decor ideas to help you get started with your fall home transformation.

1. Candles

This is a no-brainer.

Candles are to fall what cinnamon is to apple pie. You simply can't have one without the other! Don't be afraid to go a bit overboard with your candle-game. There's no such thing as too many candles.

When it comes to autumn decor, it's not just about buying the right stuff. It's actually all about capturing the right fall vibe – and candles are the best way to hit that vibe.

The dark fall time tends to dampen the mood (and it's notoriously causing SAD, a.k.a Seasonal Affective Disorder).

But just adding a little bit of warmth and magic to your home can relieve the fall sadness and make you feel cozy.

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Latte Large Glass Jar Candle with Lid – Available at Bloomingdale's for $32

2. Throw pillows

The easiest way to add an elegant autumn decor touch to your home is by throwing some decorative pillows on your couch. To match the mood, choose pillows with a warm color (orange, yellow, light brown) and fall-themed prints.

Maple Hues Flower Print Throw Pillow – Available at The Home Depot for $31.04

3. Plaid throw blankets

Where there's a throw pillow, there must be a throw blanket. Nothing gives a better autumn decor vibe than having your couch decorated with some cute pillows and a warm blanket.

For that extra touch, choose a plaid blanket to go with your new pillows.

Oversized Faux Cashmere Desert Blush Plaid Acrylic Fireside Throw Blanket – Available at The Home Depot for $27.99

4. Lanterns

Candles aren't the only way how you can bring some more light into your fall home during the darker season. Lanterns give your home an undeniably cozy fall touch.

Just place a couple of lanterns on your window sill or at the front door, so your home would shine in all its charming glory.

National Tree Company 15 in. Autumn Lantern Decor with LED Lights – Available at The Home Depot for $27.10

5. Tabletop decor

Your dining table gets the biggest attention, so it makes sense to give it a special fall decor treatment.

And the best way to do it? With some tiny tabletop decor items! Even a simple jar filled with autumn branches gives a nice finishing touch.

If you want to take your autumn decor to the next level though, try some special tabletop decor items such as the one below.

Harvest Thanksgiving Pumpkin Tabletop Decor – Available at The Home Depot for $37.07

6. Simple wall hangings

Hanging decor is popular for every season, but somehow, it seem to fit the best for fall.

Pinterest is filled to the brim with DIY hanging decor ideas but if you'd just like to add a quick fall decor touch to your home, you can opt for the cute wooden tray decor below. Hang it on your door and greet your guests in a wholesome warm way.

Glitzhome 17.83 in. Fall Wooden Tray Hanging Decor – Available at The Home Depot for $39.98

7. Rugs

Rugs are often taken for granted. If paired with other autumn decor items (like pillows, blankets, candles), rugs can make a huge difference in the room's overall vibe.

Similarly to other decor items, choose a rug with a warm autumny color. Don't be afraid to go bold with the rug – choose a rug with a cozy pattern or something with a bit more color.

Starlit Hand Tufted Rug – Available at Burke Decor for $90

8. Vases

Fall doesn't mean you have to forget about flowers. Quite the opposite, vases can give your home a beatiful addition. If you have an empty corner, choose a huge floor vase that you can fill with tree branches or something else available in the nature.

Or choose tiny vases to decorate your cabinets and tables.

Litton Lane 14 in. Polystone Decorative Spouted Vase in Cognac Brown – Available at The Home Depot for $36.11

9. Artificial flowers

Now that you have a beautiful fall vase, you can't leave that vase empty!

Understandably, you might not have any fresh flowers available or you don't simply want to use random tree branches. So, artificial flowers come to the rescue.

Choose a floral arrangement of your favorite flowers and follow the good old autumn decor principle: warm cozy colors. Forget roses and instead, choose flowers like peonies or sunflowers.

Nearly Natural 25 in. Assorted Veranda Garden Silk Flower Arrangement – Available at The Home Depot for $53.30

10. Crates for kitchen

Your living room isn't the only place that could use a fall makeover. Bring some autumn decor magic to your kitchen with wooden storage crates. Not only will they instantly make your kitchen cozier, they are also practical. Unleash your inner Marie Kondo!

Glitzhome Wooden Pumpkin Crates, Set of 2 – Available at The Home Depot for $50.94

11. Table runners

Table runners are ingenious for bringing fall foliage into your home.

Simply throw the table runner on your dining table, place a nice centerpiece in the middle, use some placemats and you're ready to treat your guests!

Autumn Leaves Embroidered Cutwork Table Runner in Brown – Available at The Home Depot for $65.99

12. Placemats

And the final touch – placemats. Simple jute placemats give that perfect down-to-earth vibe that should go with every fall decor.

Elrene 13 in. x 19 in. Happy Fall Y'all Farmhouse Burlap Placemat (Set of 4) – Available at The Home Depot for $16.91

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