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For busy couples, the weekend is your time to spend together. But the weekends are also the only time to get your shopping done, and we’re not just talking about grocery shopping. There’s also that cute dress you want to try on, too.

But how can you and your husband go shopping together if he always gets bored or aggravated? Husband pods may be just the trick, and if your shopping center hasn’t installed them yet, keep reading for tips to make your next couple’s shopping outing better for both of you.

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What’s a Husband Pod?

Husband pods are a brand new installation popping up in China. And unless you’ve gone shopping in Shanghai’s Global Harbor shopping mall, you probably haven’t seen them yet.

In Chinese, the actual translation means, “husband storage”, and while that might seem a bit inhumane, it’s actually anything but unkind for men who don’t like to go shopping.

These husband storage centers are stand-alone, glass cubicles, set up with a comfortable chair, a large, flat screen, and a slew of video games to keep men occupied while their wives shop. All free of charge, too.

Husband Pod Drawbacks

At this point, the husband pod is a brand new installation, and some people are finding that while the idea has potential, it’s not exactly perfect. What’s missing? To start, things like air conditioning, ventilation, snacks and beverages. Without these things, it can be hard waiting for your wife to finish her shopping spree.

Husband Pods Don’t Encourage Couple Interaction

If you and your husband go to a shopping center together, but then you separate – you to the stores and he to the pod – you’re not really spending much time together.

And while it can be a good idea for some couples to part ways at the mall entrance, husband pods might not be the perfect solution. In the end, they only isolate men from everyone else in the shopping center. Is there a better option, especially if your shopping center doesn’t offer husband pods?

How to Go Shopping with Your Partner If There Isn’t a Husband Pod

Unless you live in Shanghai, your mall or shopping center probably hasn’t installed a husband pod yet. But why not steal some good ideas from the concept and integrate them into your next shopping spree?

  1. It’s Okay If You Don’t Shop Together

One of the reasons why the husband pod was installed in Shanghai malls was because couples were arguing and getting frustrated with each other during the shopping experience. And we can all relate to this. Sometimes, it’s just not fun shopping in two. And there’s nothing wrong with you and your partner if you don’t walk down every aisle hand-in-hand.

So, if you and your partner want to go to the mall together, that doesn’t mean you have to spend every minute together. In fact, let him hit up his favorite stores while you browse in yours. Plan to meet in specific spots throughout the shopping day.

  1. Your Husband Doesn’t Have to Shop at All

Maybe your husband just hates shopping, plain and simple. If that’s the case, he can still come along, but let him bring his iPad, Kindle, a favorite book or today’s newspaper. If he prefers to spend his time not shopping, and if that will ensure that both of you are happy, more power to you both.

  1. Snacks Are Always a Good Idea

One of the complaints about the husband storage pods is that they don’t offer snacks and beverages, and whether you’re shopping or not, no one wants to be hangry – when you feel both hungry and angry at the same time.

To avoid all that unnecessary hunger and anger, schedule a time during your shopping outing, where you both meet for a meal or light snack. It’s a good way to reconnect throughout the day, and also avoid getting too hungry and irritated.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, New York, take your husband to the men’s clothing store, Kith. At Kith, they’ll serve you a bowl of cereal and a bottle of milk to keep you satisfied while you’re there.

  1. Write a List and Stick to It

You might go to the mall just to browse and shop, and if that’s the case, it’s probably best to leave your husband home so that he doesn’t feel like you’re dragging him all over the place.

Otherwise, if you have a couple key things in mind, there are some easy ways to streamline your shopping experience for both you and him:

  1. Do some research online and check out your favorite brands to see what they’re selling. This can help you narrow down where you actually shop, and can save you a lot of time in the long run.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  3. Write a list of items you’re looking for, and stay true to that list.
  4. Set a time limit on how long you’ll be inside the shopping center.
  5. Be Open

If your husband likes shopping, don’t be afraid to let him be an active participant in your purchases. Ask for his opinion, and listen to him. Be open to kind criticism and any good points he offers you.

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  1. Be Grateful

Your hubby might have joined you on your shopping trip just to spend time with you. That means, he’s given up a part of his day to go shopping when he could have been doing a hundred other things. When it’s all said and done, be sure to show him how grateful you are for his company.

You can express your gratitude with a date at his favorite café, or a dinner at a nice restaurant. Or, if you go shopping without him, surprise him with something special you bought just for him.

These are only some of the ways to have a fun time shopping with your hubby, with or without a husband pod!

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