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In the world of home décor, the sky’s the limit. And yes, even rustic and luxurious styles can coexist in peaceful harmony. That might seem like a big challenge, since rustic evokes lots of exposed wood and cast iron, while luxury screams soft velvets and satiny looks.

But you can certainly complement these apparent opposites and create your very own rustic chic by decorating with antique furniture.

Let’s Talk About Rustic

What gives a rustic home it’s character? Well, this all depends on the style you want to create, but in general, rustic homes harken back to older times. It’s common to see distressed furniture, as well as reclaimed woods and exposed brick.

You’ll also notice repurposed pieces, such as old feeding troughs used as flower beds, or former butcher blocks transformed into tables. Even the entire home can be repurposed, like old barns that are now gorgeous, open living spaces.

As you can see, the concept of rustic already makes room for antique furniture. This goes for everything from classic Americana pieces, to standalone baths, iron beds, record cabinets, benches, church pews, light fixtures and so much more.

Let’s Talk about Luxury

In the chic world of luxury, you won’t find many repurposed barns or distressed pieces.

Rustic homes take pleasure in the humble and ordinary. But luxury is something way outside of the ordinary.  It’s an opulent world of crisp whites, silvers, and golds. Luxurious décor can be as elaborate as Versailles or as sleek as a Scandinavian home. And since people have been enjoying luxury over many, different eras, there are many options for your own luxurious home.

All in all, luxury is about rich colors, classic motifs, glass, crystal, sheens and shines. Antique furniture is a perfect way to create a luxurious feel, using everything from chandeliers, armoires, seats, sofas, and tables.

How to Create Rustic Luxury in Your Home

As you can see, rustic and luxurious don’t have too much in common. In fact, you could say they are polar opposites. It’s like the difference between a New York penthouse and a New York farmhouse. City versus country. Opulent instead of plain.

But the secret to decorating success is to mix old and new styles and create a cohesive look. As Fritz Karch, vintage and antique expert explains, don’t get stuck in the “time capsule trap. It’s actually the juxtaposition that makes it all work.”

So, how can you create a little juxtaposition to make your own rustic chic?

You can soften all those reclaimed and repurposed pieces by incorporating delicate antique furniture into your home. Decorating with luxurious chairs and sofa can complement lots of exposed wood and brick. Look for lush materials like velvet, and colors that provide a pop of color. This will help you balance out the earthy feel of rustic spaces.

Antique pieces with gold or silver accents add a glamorous touch to any room, and they also serve as a nice focal point. And what says rustic and luxurious better than a crystal chandelier illuminating an old carpenter’s table?

If your home leans more towards luxury, you can bring it back down to earth by searching out old, American rocking chairs, benches, stools, and iron beds.

Why Antique Furniture?

No matter what time or place the antique furniture comes from, it is always going to be unique and original. It was something made by someone. And it will always have its very own history.

This is so different from the mass-produced furnishings available worldwide. Antique furniture is already used and loved, and when you include it into your home, you inherit something valuable and keep its story going.

It’s not only valuable because of its one-of-a-kind quality, but also because it was probably made according to high standards.

Antique dealer, Helen Linfield says that “the past has always been a source of great value and inspiration to designers. There will always be a natural drive for innovation and change but the best pieces of antique furniture will be able to weather the storm of faddish fashion and economics.”

Is Antique Furniture in Vogue Though?

According to IBIS World, the sales have gone up for antiques thanks to the fact that people can now shop online. And just like styles come and go, antique styles come and go, too.

According to Vogue, Japanese pieces used to be in, but now, antiques from China and Russia have entered the scene. They predict that Indian furniture will soon be fashionable, too. But it doesn’t matter what’s trendy. It’s more important that you love the piece!

Where You Can Find Antique Furniture

If you’re not sure where to start, the Better Business Bureau has a great directory of accredited antique shops. If you live in the United States, it’s a great way to locate quality antiques near you.

Online directories like this one or this one also help you find local flea markets where you can wander around and rummage through old treasures.

If you’ve dreamed about attending an auction at Christie’s, why not see an auction closer to home? Another fun way to find antiques is to go to local estate sales, which you can easily find in your town newspaper.

Finding Antique Furniture Online

If you don’t have any antique stores nearby, or you prefer online shopping, there are plenty of great sites you can peruse – all from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to enter a world of luxury and class, check out Lapada. It’s a site filled with authentic, gorgeous pieces, and all the members must adhere to a strict code of practice, so you can buy with confidence.

1stdibs is a go-to for many interior designers, and it covers furniture, fashion, fine art, and even jewelry. Have fun browsing all the beautiful pieces for your home, and also get a load of décor inspiration!

One King’s Lane is another popular site. And although it does have lots of new and modern pieces, it has many antique furniture options, too.

So there you have it! If you want to decorate a luxurious and rustic home, antique furniture is a great way to create an eclectic mix that’s homey, luxy and valuable all at the same time.

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