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How to Source Environmentally Friendly Home Furniture

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With climate change and the increasing concern about issues such as plastic and air pollution almost every purchase we make can be an environmental decision and furniture choice is no less of one than anything else.

Here, we are going to look at how we can best protect the environment when making furniture choices.

Is It Built To Last?

Cost. That’s always a factor and in the furniture trade, much like everything else, there is a sector of the market where cost is the biggest factor in purchase for some consumers. It’s not to say that getting good value for money is not important, it’s just that being aware of the value of what you are paying for should be part of your decision-making process.

If it’s cheap flat-pack furniture then it is not going to last and that cheap price tag may be a false economy if it lasts a fraction of the time and buying a piece every few years and disposing of the old one is not environmentally friendly.

What Is The Company’s Environmental Policy

Every decent-sized company should have an environmental policy. If the company doesn’t, then maybe it’s best to avoid that one! It’s relatively easy to see if they have a policy on their website, also check if they have any press or awards for their green efforts, there are plenty of web results for stuff like this.

Look What It’s Made Of

Construction materials are important. It’s easy to not notice if you’re not really looking, especially for parts of the furniture that are not visible.

There are plenty of companies that make a specific point of using organic, sustainable or recycled materials, such as Birch Living who have organic mattress starting at $849 which is not an over the top price to pay for a mattress.

Have You Considered 2nd Hand?

If you consider the fact that there is no cost of manufacture (in environmental terms) then buying 2nd hand is a great idea. In fact, if you look at the antique market you can get something very classy and you can bet it will be much more unique and individual than a store-bought piece.

Another great way of sourcing old furniture that has much character and history behind it is to visit auction houses, there are often auctions containing furniture from house clearances and if you get there on the right day where no-one else is bidding against you then you can grab a real bargain.

What About Custom-Made Furniture?

Have you ever thought about commissioning your own piece from an independent furniture maker and designer? It may not be the cheapest option out there but you can make sure you specify exactly what you are after and this can include construction materials as part of this.

If you are unsure of what’s the best way to go forward then a good craftsman will be happy to talk it through with you.

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