Bring Fall Into Your Home: 16 Tips to Create A Cozy Autumn Home


16 Tips to Create A Cozy Autumn Home

Autumn is a favorite time for many people. The crisp, cool weather, along with all the vibrant colors of the harvest season are easy to enjoy.

But as the days grow shorter and darker, it’s harder to find the time to get outside and satisfy your fall craving. With these 16 tips, you can bring fall into your home so that you can enjoy an autumnal atmosphere whenever you choose.

  1. Use Autumn Colors

Autumn comes with its own unique color palette. The once, calm green trees transform into vibrant, burning colors. Earth tones and rusty hues are also prevalent around this time of year.

So, when it’s time to bring fall into your home, make it easy on yourself by taking inspiration from what’s already around you and bring these fall colors right into your own home.

  1. Display Acorns

Just as the squirrels bring fall’s corns into their homes, so can you. The next time you go for a walk in a nearby park or woods, look for acorns dropping from the trees – that is if the squirrels haven’t already gathered them all up!

Acorns or other nuts are fun accessories that you can easily display in clear vases or mason jars.

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  1. Use Firewood as Home Decor

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, a basket or crate of firewood is a rustic touch that conjures up images of warm fireplaces and cozy evenings. If you live close to a wooded area, you might even be able to collect your own wood pieces.

  1. Apples as a Centerpiece

Whether you go apple picking or simply purchase your autumn fruit at the grocery store, just be sure to set some aside for your centerpiece. Red apples, in all their different shades, can be a nice pop of color on your table or mantel.

  1. Gather Branches and Dried Leaves

One of the easiest ways to bring fall into your home is to simply spend time in nature and bring back the little treasures you find. Fallen branches, long twigs, vibrant leaves: these can all be arranged in vases or platters for instant autumn decoration.

  1. Decorate with Gourds and Miniature Pumpkins

Gourds and pumpkins are quintessentially fall. And since you can purchase smaller options, it’s a nice way to display autumnal bounty, without them taking over the entire room.

  1. Add a Pop of Fall Color

You probably don’t want to change your entire home decor around. After all, fall will come and go, and before you know it, you’ll have to make space for Christmas trees. Nonetheless, you can still bring fall into your home by adding a pop of fall color to a single piece of furniture.

Do you have a wooden chair, desk or side table that could use a facelift? Why not paint it with a rusty red, pumpkin orange or woody brown? It’s a fun DIY project to make a statement piece in your home.

  1. Trade Flowers for Wheat Bundles

Instead of displaying freshly cut flowers or bouquets, consider filling vases or mason jars with wheat bundles. They look especially sharp against a crisp white background.

What better way to remember the harvest season than with some of the harvest itself?

  1. Fill Your Home with the Aroma of Essential Oils

If you love the smell of pumpkin chai lattes, why not fill your home with comforting aromas with the help of essential oils?

You can either purchase fall-inspired blends, or you can purchase your favorite single oil and diffuse it throughout your home. Top fall scents include pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom.

  1. Create a Hygge Corner

According to the Danish tradition, Hygge, it’s typical to find a cozy corner in your home. It’s the perfect spot to snuggle up with a warm cup of tea and your favorite novel during cooler evenings.

Is there a little nook in your home that could become your Hygge corner? Use your favorite chair, soft throws, and candles to create a space that brings fall into your home.

  1. Display Pine Cones

Pine cones might seem more appropriate for Christmas time, but they’re perfect for autumn, too. If you can’t make it into the pine forest to collect them, look for them at your local decor or home store. If you’re lucky, you might even find some scented with cinnamon!

  1. Decorate with Mason Jars and Cinnamon Sticks

As you can tell, cinnamon is a top fall aroma. It evokes baked goods and warmth.

So, if it’s a scent you’re into, pick up some cinnamon sticks and display them throughout your living room and entryways. You can fill little mason jars and bring a little fall into your home.

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  1. Burn Candles

With darker, shorter days, it’s time to start using lamps more and more. But don’t forget about the mesmerizing effect of candles. You can burn scented or unscented candles, and they can instantly transform the room into a magical place.

These Voluspa Goji and Tarocco Orange candles not only look lovely but smell delicious, too.

  1. Decorate with Mums or Dry Flowers

At this time of year, it’s typical to see mums in outdoor landscaping. And why not? They’re a hardy plant, bursting with deeply colored flowers.

But you can bring them into your home, too. Is there an old, rustic stool laying around? It can be the perfect table for your mums. If you’d prefer dried flowers, like Chinese Lanterns, they, too, can add a lovely touch to any room.

  1. Cozy up with Faux Fur Throws, Plaids and Quilts

Apart from decorating with fall colors, another great way to bring fall into your home is by using more plaid and quilted patterns. Whether it’s a throw, towel, curtain or bedding, plaid and quilted designs add instant autumn to any room.

  1. Create a Fall Gallery

Are you a photography, or someone who just likes to capture perfect fall moments? Don’t keep those memories on your phone.

Instead, make prints and frame your favorite shots. You can create a fall gallery in your bedroom (or anywhere, really!) and admire the glory of autumn – right in your own home.