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Nowadays, having a box cutter in any environment has become a necessity. Box cutters have been able to provide people with a safe and user-friendly tool, allowing them to have a protected cutting experience. 

A box cutter has the ability to cut through different types of surfaces without any regard for the thickness or harshness of the surface’s material. For instance, with a box cutter, people can cut through paper, cardboard, foam, and even wood and drywall, without having to worry whether they will damage the tool.

A benefit that comes with owning a box cutter is the numerous safety features and precautions installed on the product. Box cutters are equipped with enhanced features, like the lock feature, ensuring users a safe cutting experience. Additionally, the lock feature helps people with control and grip over the tool.

One of the most convenient things connected with box cutters is that there are many sizes on the market and customers can get the desired type and size. However, the small ones are hugely convenient since they are easily packable, so they can fit in purses, wallets, and even pockets. Some small box cutters now come with their carrying cases, making it easier for people to store and transport these vital tools.

When properly housed in their safety locks or sheaths, a small box cutter is safe for anyone to carry with them and serves many uses, from opening boxes faster to scraping off tough adhesive labels.

Different types of box cutters

Just like there are different sizes for box cutters, there are different types as well. The difference between each type is not large; however, each type has specific key features that give each type a value proposition compared to the others. 

The most basic type of box cutter is the manual box cutter which is most commonly used by households and offices. The manual box cutter gives people the ability to cut through anything easily due to its sharp blade and enhanced exterior design that gives control to users. 

On the other hand, a ceramic blade’s key feature is the blade inserted inside the frame of the box cutter and its material. Whenever people invest in a ceramic box cutter, they will have invested in a long-lasting tool, as ceramic is one of the strongest materials and cannot break easily.  

There are numerous other types with different attractive features, and when deciding which type to purchase, ensure to buy the one that would bring the most benefits for you.

Tips for using a box cutter in the right way

Even though box cutters are equipped with numerous safety features, it is important to know how to correctly use the tool to minimize the risks of harming oneself during the cutting process. 

Always hold the box cutter at an angle away from your body

One of the most important tips is to always use the box cutter at an angle away from your body, specifically holding the sharp blade. 

Holding the sharp blade at an angle away from your body ensures users that whenever the tool slips from their hand, the blade will not cut through their skin because of how they were holding it. 

Ensure to use the lock feature on the slide to have more grip over the tool

Another important tip when using a box cutter is to make good use of the lock features inserted on the tool. To illustrate, whenever using the box cutter, turn on the lock feature that will make the blade stay in its place during the cutting process and not slip inside its frame. This tip gives people more control over the tool. 

On the other hand, make sure to lock the blade in its place after using the box cutter to ensure that the blade stays inside the frame and does not cause harm to others due to recklessness. 

Make sure the tip of the blade is sharp enough

Some people do not pay close attention to the sharpness of the blade’s tip. Whenever a blade is not sharp enough, people are required to put a lot of effort in order to cut a surface, making their cutting process difficult.

So, ensure that the blade is sharp, and even if it isn’t, users nowadays have the chance to replace the blade to restore its sharpness. 

Use the right box cutter for a project not to damage the tool

Finally, use a box cutter that is applicable to accomplishing the project at hand. Even though most box cutters have the capability of cutting many surfaces, some are more fragile than others. For instance, constantly using a manual box cutter to cut hardwood can eventually cause damage to the product. So, try to purchase a tool that is applicable to the projects that you intend to accomplish with the tool. 

To conclude, box cutters are considered helpful tools for cutting through many different materials, providing users with an easy and safe experience. 

Numerous types of box cutters are available in the market; thus, ensure to purchase the most preferred type for your projects to enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

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