What Happens If You Stop Wearing a Bra Completely

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If you’re like most women, you’ve probably been wearing a bra ever since you were a teenager. So, at this point, bras are an essential part of your wardrobe. Not wearing a bra seems not only strange but wrong. And the media and society certainly send the message that we need bras.

But what happens if you stop wearing a bra completely? Here are the top 9 benefits of going braless.

You’re way more comfortable

Bras can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re wearing push-up bras or underwire bras. For some women, the underwire can actually poke through the fabric and cut into the breast. Ouch!

But even if your underwire bra isn’t poking through and causing some serious discomfort, bras can still be uncomfortable. When you wear a bra, the chest muscles get squeezed by tight materials and elastics, and this can lead to pain in the chest and back area.

Just think about it: what’s the first thing women do when they come home? They take their bra off. Why? Because they’re so uncomfortable.

Now, that doesn’t mean when you stop wearing a bra you’re going to feel comfortable automatically. Yes, your boobs may love it. But psychologically, it might feel strange, and you can feel pretty self-conscious.

So, if not wearing a bra is new to you, make it a gradual process. For example, go braless at home. If you decide to go out sans bra, wear a top that makes it harder for others to identify your braless boobs.

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You don’t have saggy breasts anymore

In a 15-year French study, led by sports science expert, Jean-Denis Rouillon, women got some good news: your bra isn’t necessary. In fact, Rouillon went so far to say that “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

When you wear a bra, your breasts are constantly being held up and supported, and the breast tissue gets used to not moving. However, this means your breast tissue and chest muscles never have to work to keep your breasts looking perky. They get weaker thanks to your bra, which actually encourages saggy boobs.

But when you stop wearing a bra, your breasts have to adapt. So, the muscle tissues in the chest region step up to offer natural support. And Rouillon found that women who went braless had naturally higher nipple levels – 0.3 inches higher – compared to women who always wore a bra.

Your breasts look better

Not only does going braless prevent saggy breasts, but it also helps support the elasticity of your breasts, which may wear out when you wear a bra every day. Without a bra, your breasts get to develop a fuller appearance on their own.

You can breath better

Bra straps constrict across the chest region, which happens to include areas of the lung and trachea. When you ditch the bra, you say goodbye to restrictions in these areas and let your lungs free up a bit.

You have better blood flow

The same French study found that wearing a bra can actually cut off circulation since bras squeeze against the body with tight bands, elastics, etc.

With better circulation, the tissues and muscles around the breast get the nourishment they need.

Your lymph node can flow more freely

The lymphatic system is found throughout the body. However, there are lymph nodes in the breast tissues, too. And the lymphatic fluid needs to flow freely and smoothly throughout this system in order to drain away toxic build-up.

Wearing a bra may constrict the free flow of lymphatic fluid in the breast area, and increase the risk for both lymph blockage and possibly even breast growths.

You get to desexualize breasts

Breasts, especially the nipples, are primarily seen as a sexual and provocative part of the female body. But all women have boobs, and all men have nipples. They are a natural part of the body, and nature designed them to have a function: to feed babies.

However, if women want to avoid judgment from society, they have to cover up their breasts, and they definitely have to cover their nipples.

But when you stop wearing a bra, you decide to desexualize your breasts. You also stop hiding them, shaming them and censoring them. And that can be incredibly freeing.

However, just because you decide to free the nipple, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else is prepared for it. So, what can you do about boobs bouncing around, and nipples showing through?

Think about the times when your nipples are most likely to show through. In the days leading up to your period, your nipples and breasts can become a bit stiff and hard. When it’s cold outside, the nipples can seriously show up. In the summertime, when our clothes are lighter and skimpier, there’s the real chance of a nip slip.

If you want to avoid flashing everyone, or if you feel self-conscious, consider wearing a simple bralette or some pasties. These can keep the nipple covered even though you’re not technically wearing a bra.

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You can save money

Most women wear the wrong size bra. They’re either too big, too small or simply not the right style for your breasts. And after a while, we need to replace our bras anyways.

But bras can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $30 to $100. Consider that if you go without bras, you can save all of that money, and buy yourself something else.

You can protect your skin

Bras don’t just hold up the breasts. They also absorb oils, dirt, and sweat. And this can lead to the possibility of infection, irritation, acne, etc. Straps and hooks can also leave your skin with an uneven (and unattractive) tone. Imagine this: going without a bra can prevent that and protect your skin.

At the end of the day, bras have no real health benefits and they’re not really essential. Yes, society would have you think otherwise, but the truth is, bras are optional. So, it’s entirely up to you to wear one or not.

And if you do go braless, you get to enjoy some pretty perky benefits.

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