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Are you hating your thighs?

Most of us have been there. Actually, according to one study, 91% of women are not happy with their hips and thighs. That's a sad number that shows how far the world has gone with promoting false body image.

We all know that the girls on covers and in Instagram are made to look that way. It takes hours of posing, makeup, editing programs and hundreds of takes to get that final “perfect” look.

But even if we know it's not real, we can't seem to shake off that uneasy feeling. Why can't my thighs be that thin? How can I lose thigh fat? What am I doing wrong?

The truth is, you are not doing anything wrong and you don't actually need to lose thigh fat (unless it's necessary health-wise).

Our body image can get extremely skewed due to years and years of comparing your body to the images you see online. However, thanks to the body positivity movement, more and more women all over the world are starting to realize that they are not defined by their weight or their body shape.

Danae Mercer, a journalist, and a social media influencer is one of the women who speak out for body acceptance. On her Instagram channel, she exposes tricks that are used by other influencers or even celebrities in order to portray a body image that's simply not physically possible.

She, as well as thousands of others, is promoting “real women”, a.k.a the way women actually are, without posing or editing. We rarely see stretch marks, cellulite, little tummy rolls, or jiggly thighs on Instagram.

But in reality, even the most picture-perfect women have these things. And these are NOT beauty flaws.

Want to lose thigh fat? Redefine your mindset

No matter if you're aiming to lose thigh fat or not, everything starts from your mindset.

The thing is, dieting and exercising are not the keys to weight loss. And it's virtually impossible to exercise in a way that makes you lose just thigh fat. As SANESolution has said, spot-reducing fat is a myth.

Why? Because when you exercise, you burn fat from all over your body. Even if you only use lower body exercises, you might still lose fat from somewhere else.

It all boils down to one unshakeable fact: every body is different. Your metabolism, genetics and hormones, for example, have their own role to play.

Instead of driving yourself nuts with trying to figure out how to lose thigh fat, start embracing and loving your body as a whole, with all the jiggly parts and everything.

And instead of focusing on the way you look or how much you weigh, start focusing on improving yourself. In the end, your health matters the most: the health of your heart, your lungs, your liver. It doesn't matter how thin your thighs are if your health is giving out.

So, instead of beating yourself up because of some extra soft spots on your belly or thighs, start putting your energy into your health. Ask yourself each morning: what can I do today to make my body healthier and stronger? When your hand is reaching towards chips, ask yourself: does this food serve my body, and provide it with great nutrients that support my health?

And at the same time, don't forget that even snacking on chips or chocolate can serve your health: your mental health. There's no bad food or “cheat days”. There's just food.

If you stop following your scale and driving yourself crazy with the diet culture and instead, focus only on your health, you'll naturally start making better choices which might easily translate soon into a change in your body shape.

But losing thigh fat itself should never be your goal and only motivator.

Big thighs might actually be healthy

Scientists have looked into the correlation between different body shapes and overall health. In an article published at Harvard Health, one study is described that came to an impressive conclusion: those with bigger thighs had a lower risk of heart disease.

Though that was just one study and it's all still very relative, there's a potential reason why bigger thighs might mean a better health. According to research, the fat around the midsection is far more dangerous because it indicates more fat around internal organs. That, in turn, can mean an array of nasty health problems.

Another research found that lower body fat might help reduce the “bad” cholesterol because lower body “vacuums up” harmful fatty acids.

So, if you naturally have a lean tummy and more fat accumulates to your lower body, that might actually be a good thing.

Understand your why

It's okay if you still DO want to lose thigh fat but it's important to map out the actual reason behind that desire.

Sit down and ask yourself: why do I want to lose thigh fat so badly? What changes will it bring to my life?

Often, you might realize that the main reason behind the wish to lose some inches on your thighs is just to improve your looks. This means that you're comparing yourself to others and don't deem yourself to be perfect. You might believe that losing thigh fat will change that.

But as mentioned above, you should never compare yourself to anyone. You are already absolutely perfect and if you make healthy choices for your body, that's all that matters.

Getting rid of the toxic self-destructive thoughts can be hard but the first step is to acknowledge those thoughts and address them in a constructive way. For example:

  • Negative thought: I'll never be able to lose my thigh fat.
  • Positive thought: It's okay to sometimes feel hopeless but this is just a thought and does not dictate my actions. I know that if I make healthy choices for myself, I can improve my body.

It's also very possible you just want to lose thigh fat in order to relieve the discomfort that rubbing thighs might bring or you just want to feel lighter when walking. It's okay to want to lose thigh fat.

But you need to realize why you want to do it. Never try to change your body in order to make someone else happy. Your only motivator should be your own health and happiness.

And now on to some more practical ways how to lose thigh fat, if that's truly something you wish to do.


1. Thank your thighs every day

We tend to fill our minds with so many toxic thoughts that we completely forget the reason for our body parts. Our thighs make us amazing and strong – they are there to support our body and give us more power when we want to jump, run or hike.

Instead of punishing yourself with toxic thoughts, look at your thighs, smile, and say: “Thank you for being with me for all these years. Thank you for supporting me and being there for me.”

2. Follow body-positive people in social media

It's no secret that social media is responsible for a huge part of creating this toxic self-image.

To change that, start following people who talk about body acceptance (like Danae Mercer). Once you do that, your Instagram feed will fill you with joy and love, instead of self-loathing.

3. Make sure you're hydrated

Our bodies are primarily made of water and it's without a doubt one of the key elements in your health. However, if you're dehydrated, your body will start holding onto water, making you feel more bloated (and seemingly also gain weight).

But that's all just your body keeping water in.

Experts recommend drinking at least 2 to 3 liters every day (more if you're exercising or it's hot outside).

To make this habit easier to follow, get a motivational water bottle like the QuiFit one.

4. Eat more fiber

Fiber is a real miracle-worker for your health. Fiber keeps you fuller for a longer time while containing little calories, so by adding fiber to your every meal, you'll eat less, but feel energetic longer.

Some studies have also shown that fiber consumption might help to lose thigh fat and burn away visceral fat by 3.7%.

To increase your fiber intake, add these to your diet:

5. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is no joke. Your muscles are built while you sleep, so it's absolutely essential to makes sure you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation not only messes up your skin, but it also brings your body into stress and makes it simply harder to lose any fat.

Losing thigh fat is really not an exact science but it all comes down to your mindset. Start making better choices for your body: provide it with the best nutrients that improve your health, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and move your body in a way that you enjoy. If you don't like exercising, don't do it. Instead, you can dance, go on walks, swim, or do anything else that you enjoy.

Your happiness and health are a priority. Once you start taking them as priorities, your thigh fat will also melt away.

But remember, you are worthy of all the best in the world without losing any of the thigh fat. Your weight and body shape do not dictate your worth.

Next time, when you look yourself from the mirror, instead of asking how to lose thigh fat, ask yourself: what can I do to make my body even stronger and healthier, so it would feel great and serve me for all the tens of years to come?

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