Is Breakfast Cereal Dangerous For Your Child?


Fruit Loops, Cini Minis, Captain Crunch … Who could say no to the sugary wonderland that breakfast cereal can be! However, with every highly processed food arises the main issue: is it really good if your child eats breakfast cereal every morning? You’d be amazed to hear that breakfast cereal is not as harmless as it seems and it possesses multiple health hazards.

Why is breakfast cereal bad for your health?

You might be thinking, how can breakfast cereal be bad for health if it is clearly stated it is low in sugar, has few carbs and is advertised as “high in fiber”. Well, guess again – it couldn’t be further away from being a healthy morning kickstarter. Here’s why.

The devil in the breakfast cereal is a process called extrusion. To make the cereal box, grains are put under intense pressure a.k.a they are put through an extruder which will alter the structure of the proteins. After going through the extrusion process, the grains are heated to make a liquid form which will then be the basis for forming puffs, balls, flakes or whatever shape is wanted. Some extra sugars, coloring and other chemical components and you have a box of pure chemicals ready to serve with milk.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. In the process of extruding, practically all the healthy characteristics of the grains are pumped out so there is nothing left. You might be thinking you are eating healthy full-grain cereal but that is almost the same as saying it is healthy to eat 300g of dark chocolate in one day.

This is not just a tale to scare children to eat more healthy, there have been several researches proving the toxic nature of the cornflake. The most notable research on the hidden aspects of our daily food items can be found here. The research not only emphasizes how unhealthy cornflakes can be, it has been proven that the extrusion process breaks down the organelles and disperses the proteins which become toxic. The more grain, the more toxic so actually the whole grain cornflakes are much worse for your health than the usual ones.

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Besides having close to zero usefulness, the negative effects of your beloved breakfast cereal go even further. Overly much sugar, food coloring, synthetic minerals and vitamins … there is not even one good thing you can find from that box! So, the best case scenario – just forget about eating cereal completely.

What to do then?

The solution is simple: avoid everything that comes from a box and has a long list of weird ingredients that are too hard to pronounce. Those things do not belong to your body!

If you are looking for a simple substitute for boxed breakfast cereal that wouldn’t be too hard to make, try to make the breakfast cereal yourself! Or even better, mix together your favourite fruits with yoghurt and you will get a delicious morning treat! It will give you and your whole family the perfect kick needed to start the day energetically. At least you can feel safe, knowing your children are not eating something toxic and harmful for their bodies.