11 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Can Help You Bond with Your Partner

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If you love video games – or if your partner is a gamer – you may or may not play them together. But you should. Playing video games on a fun date night can actually be a great way to bond with your partner.

Sure, it might not be the same as Netflix and chill, but it should be one of your couple goals. And if that just seems strange, you’ll want to keep reading for 11 reasons why a video game date night is actually pretty cool.

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It’s fun to share mutual interests

One of the keys to a healthy relationship is to do things that you both enjoy together.

For some, that’s a swanky night at the art museum. For others, it’s a night fighting off bad guys with a remote in hand and a beer in the other.

In short, if playing video games is something that both you and your partner enjoy, doing this together can be a great way to build fun memories, validate each other and even share a couple laughs.

Long-distance couples connect through video games

If your significant other lives far away, playing video games “together” is a cool way to connect, interact in real time, and share the same experience even though your miles apart.

Playing video games shows your character

Chances are, you’re dating or married to a great partner, and playing video games will only highlight that even more.

For example, if there are opportunities to share anything in a video game, and your partner makes that choice – even if you’re competing with each other – it says a lot about his character and can make you respect them even more.

And it’s a safe bet that these behaviors aren’t just limited to your screen time. These are behaviors he chooses in real life, too.

Video games show how you act under pressure

Experiencing and overcoming challenges is an important and undeniable part of any relationship. And while video game challenges aren’t exactly the same as financial pressure or career challenges, they can still show how you and your partner react under pressure.

Is it funny, and can you take it with a grain of salt? Or, is it something to get angry about and start a fight over? Sure, it’s “just” a video game, but how we behave during play can reveal lots about our character, too.

Video games allow you to create a team dynamic

If your video game is one where you and your partner play on the same team, it helps build solidarity, greater friendship, trust and better communication skills between the two of you.

And these are invaluable traits to take with you once you put the remote down.

What’s more, when you’re both living your day to day lives, and different challenges pop up, you can reference back to your video game time, and motivate, support and encourage each other just as you did while you were gaming.

Playing video games reveals how you deal with “mistakes”

If you or your partner misses something super important in the game, the reaction can say a lot about you or him. Is it a source of frustration or fun? Is it something to flip out over, or can you both roll with the punches?

It all depends on your relationship and the dynamic between the two of you, but games have a way of showing our true colors.

The best part? They show up in a non-essential area of your life where you can address them without talking about all the other adult issues you have to deal with, like finances, cars, mortgage, kids, etc.

Video games can be competitive and guys like that

In Why Men Love Bitches, author Sherry Argov shares that men love a partner who can challenge them to some degree. They don’t want someone who always lets them win, or who always agrees with them.

And a video game is a great way to challenge your guy and give him a run for his money. Don’t worry – the challenge will be more than welcome and can make you even more attractive to him.

Video games are a fun way to tease each other

When a man teases a woman he loves, it’s a great sign. That’s because guys tease people they like, including their best friends. And if he teases you, it can mean you’re more than just a sexual outlet for him.

And video games give you the opportunity to tease back and offer that competitive edge, which men like so much.

Video games give you something to look forward to

Just like a TV series, video games give you something to look forward to. But the big difference between a TV series and video games is that for TV, you are both passive participants, watching the show, but pretty inactive and disengaged.

When it comes to video games, on the other hand, you both take a vested interest in what’s happening on screen. In fact, what you do actually creates the next episode. And this is a great way to bond.

Include sexy rewards in gaming date nights

Depending on your relationship, it might be fun to use video games as a way to build intimacy and have fun in the bedroom.

For example, if you’re playing against each other, winning or reaching certain levels can have it’s own specific reward – in the bedroom of course.

This can make the games even more intense and build lots of expectation for what happens afterward.

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Video games create an adventure for couples

Sure, we’ve moved past the legendary days of dragons, swords, and victorious heroes. But playing video games allows both partners to create and experience adventures together.

And when you take the video game seriously, situations can feel really threatening and your need for each other can be very real, too.

And don’t worry. With video games, it’s not always damsels in distress. Women can be the superheroines, too.

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