3 Things to Have in Mind When Buying a Wedding Ring

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Marriage is a life-changing move for every person and a perfect ring choice is the toughest step. You should bear in mind some basic principles with every jewellery purchase.

Whenever you are buying a wedding ring, you need to make sure that the band is strong enough to last for years. Here are the top 3 things you should bear in mind when buying a wedding ring. 

Choose metal and style

This is probably the only piece of jewellery you will choose with your soul mate and the one you will wear forever, so it is smart to take some time and see your options. Let us start with the metal. Decide on it with your partner and get the one that will be a compromise for both of you. It is a very well-known fact that there are white, yellow, and combined metal variations.

If you are down for some simple and elegant white metal options, and your partner is for the classic, luxurious yellow metal, what is the best thing to do? Go for a compromise and search for the jewellery combining both of these metals. 

Once you decide on the metal of the ring, then you should switch to the next item on the list and it is the style. This mainly regards the stone you want on your ring diamonds or gemstones.

Both are fine and depend on your budget. Even though diamonds are considered gemstones as well, they are indisputably tougher when compared to some other gemstones and are undoubtedly the most precious ones. Diamonds are beautiful and shiny stones that will make your ring stand out and your partner wearing the matching ring is a special thing, however, you will have to pay a hefty sum of money for getting them. 

On the other hand, other types of gemstones can be less expensive when compared to diamonds but this does not mean that they are of the poorer quality.

If you are having doubts about the style, you can find a whole bunch of different rings made for men, women, couples and simply click the link where all of these are perfectly displayed. Do not be afraid to look for the options on the Internet, this will help you find a perfect option.

Choose the top quality 

Quality is the first priority when choosing perfect wedding rings, and it cannot be emphasized enough. There should be markings on the inside of the ring, like the manufacturer’s trademark, sponsor's symbol, mineral content, GIA Certificate, and others.

If the ring is made of gold, silver, platinum, or even of a combination of metals, it should be indicated in the insides of the ring or stated in the declaration of the ring. It is mandatory to always check the quality of your ring and that all of these details like material fineness and mineral content are listed. 

Budgeting is the key 

Picking wedding rings is quite an investment and you need to be smart when it comes to making the budget for this part of the wedding ceremony. Namely, the price for the plainest gold bands ranges from $125 to $200 per band, and metals like platinum can go from $400 to $600 per band. If you want your wedding rings to be decorated with precious stones then you should be prepared to invest a greater sum of money.

According to the Diamond Information Center, the cheapest wedding ring with a diamond in it costs $742 per band which makes quite a sum if we consider some other expenses. 

If you decide to go a step further and engrave your wedding rings, then you should add into account the fact that a single character may cost from $1-8 depending on the font and method of engraving. This is why the already set wedding rings budget is of immense importance. The worst possible thing you can do is wait too long and buy the rings at the last minute.

Make some time to investigate and make a list of a couple of options and if you are thinking about some custom pieces, this will give you some extra time. 

Wedding rings purchase can be a daunting task because of so many factors that are connected to the most important bands. Start with the agreement and make sure that both sides are involved.

Allow yourselves some time that will give you enough space to think, reconsider, and make the right choice. Eventually, this is the piece of jewellery that will keep you bound for the rest of your lives. 

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