4 Ways to Change Yourself in College (For the Better)

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High school was and is a time for many people that they just want to end. Many people struggle to find themselves and where they fit in. Making friends can be hard, and teenagers can be jerks.

College is a very formative time. Obviously, it shapes your life due to the academic and pre-professional growth you gain, but it also provides opportunities for you to really define yourself as a person.

Most of my suggestions have a social aspect to them. College has a lot of avenues to change yourself, but these are some of the most effective, and these methods lie firmly in your control.


Like I said, making friends can be hard. Here’s the thing about college, everyone wants friends and just about no one has them when they start out. Sure, you have those people who room with their best friend since childhood, but for most students, you need to meet people.

As you look to define yourself or redefine yourself as the case may be, you can find people who share similar interests without necessarily being thrown into a clique like you were in high school. Let me be clear that plenty of college students still stereotype and judge, but as we grow up most of us learn to be more chill.

Living Situation

This goes closely with the friend aspect. Where you live is super important. Some apartments have great reputations and are conducive to a social atmosphere. To be in an apartment where a bunch of college students just like to have fun together will allow you to be exposed to different types of people.

If you were a “jock” in high school, this can help you meet people who have different interests but are still cool. This way you don’t live your whole life hanging out with the same type of person, and you can break away from any stereotypes and really become who you are.

Sidenote: Apartments are home. Look for good ones. Look at Sunrise Village Apartments as an example. They offer a ton of great amenities and nice apartments for a reasonable price. This gives plenty of opportunities for their tenants to interact and build friendships.


A big part of who you are is your interests and passions. Why not choose a career path that involves them? When looking for a major, you hold the power. Yes, you have to be accepted to programs in most Universities. You can achieve that through, study, hard work, and dedication.

Maybe you weren’t a great student in high school, or maybe you just didn’t care. You can change yourself to be a studious hardworking student who has their eyes set on achieving your goals and unlocking your talents.


The types of things you become involved in can change who you are. If you have always been quiet and reserved but want to be more outgoing, go join a club. If you have never played organized sports but you are interested, participate in intramurals.

You can do whatever you want. You are free from the stigmas and stereotypes of adolescence. Really you could have always been, but I understand, high school sucks. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do.


There is no reason why you can't go to college and become the person you want to be. There are limitless opportunities, for both academic and personal development. Be wise and smart. The goal is not to be someone you aren’t but to be the form of yourself you have always wanted to be.

So go out there and get it done, the rest of your life awaits.

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