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Are you the type of woman who just wants to let fate to run its course when it comes to men? You don’t want to play games, so you’d rather let your romantic relationships unfold naturally and organically.

Well, that’s all well and good, but if you want a man to call your own, you should read these 12 great seduction tips. You don’t have to play games, but you do have to the right thing.

And 10-to-1, you’re doing all the wrong things without even realizing it.

1. Be Desirable

Being desirable has nothing to do with looking like the cover of Cosmopolitan. Maybe men are attracted to that initially, but in the long run, men want to desire a woman, and then, keep desiring her over and over again.

So, the question is, how can you be desirable in a way that’s authentic and genuine? The best and surest way is to be confident and to believe that you’re a worthy and desirable woman.

These deeply held beliefs will then influence not only your actions and decisions when it comes to him. They’ll drive your entire lifestyle and will ultimately make you a man-magnet.

2. Be Challenging

The idea of being challenging isn’t about being difficult or confrontational. It’s about giving men what they intrinsically need: a challenge. Men like to have something to work towards and something to catch. They also like to be with women who don’t just accept everything they say at face value.

Instead, what men value is a woman who will push them intellectually, instead of passively going along with everything.

3. Help Him Open Up to You

If a man shares something personal and emotional with you, the very last thing you should do is shame him or embarrass him for that. Sometimes, women respond in this way because they expect men to be tough. And perhaps women aren’t used to men being emotional, period.

But guys have feelings, too. And if he knows that he’s safe with you, he’ll love you even more. So, whatever you do, don’t be harsh, cold, bitter, judgmental or critical when he’s getting vulnerable.

4. Be Confident in Your Own Skin and Beauty

When you’re out with your man, and you both spot another beautiful woman in the room, don’t become clingy or moody. In fact, if your man notices the other woman, let him. If you show him that you’re nonplussed, he’ll be even more intrigued and attracted to you.

Why’s that? Because by behaving confidently and standing your ground, you’re showing him that you’re not afraid to lose him. You’re also making it clear that you know you don’t have to put other women down or compete with other girls to keep him.

You know you have something special that no other woman has. And if you act confidently, he’ll want that special something.

5. Have Fun Without Him

Now, you don’t want to play games or make him worry about you being unfaithful. That’s silly and counterproductive. But it’s important for him to see that you don’t depend on him for a fun and active social life.

Have fun without him and send him the message that you’re not desperate for him. Instead, when you choose to spend time with him, it’s not because you have nothing better to do. It’s because you’re fitting him into a full and fulfilled lifestyle – a life that he’s privileged to be a part of.

6. Let Him Love You

Women love to care for and take care of others, so it can be challenging to let other people take care of you. But if you’re always taking care of yourself, and never letting your man step up to the plate, you can disempower him and make him feel useless. And men hate to feel useless and powerless.

It might seem like a small and insignificant task to you, but give him an opportunity to serve you and he’ll feel strong and important. A homecooked meal, a cup of tea, taking a turn driving or giving you a back rub. All of these things make him feel like a king because he gets to treat you like his queen.

7. Be Sexy

Now, you don’t have to be a sex goddess or compete with cover girls. You just have to let yourself go a little bit. Wear something special for him and him alone. Or, take him shopping and ask him to help you pick out something special. Send him a flirty text during the work day. Whatever you do, be true to yourself.

8. Love and Take Care of Yourself

Do you want a man to treat you like gold? If you do, then you have to treat yourself like gold first.

You can do this by prioritizing personal hygiene and grooming. Take time to eat well and exercise in a way that supports your health and wellness. Practice self-care and give yourself what you need to recharge, regroup and re-energize yourself. Don’t expect this of him. That’s your job.

9. Be Dependent But Not Too Dependent

Guys like it when they can take care of you, but they don’t want to be your boyfriend, father, mother, girlfriends, bank account and counselor, all in one. They want to be your man. So, let your guy be your one and only, but only where your relationship is concerned.

Then, create a good life for yourself by seeking out career opportunities that will support your dream lifestyle. Cultivate good friendships you can rely on. And actively seek out activities that light you up.

If you don’t do these things, and you constantly expect your man to do them for you, you’ll start to wear him out and that’s the perfect recipe for resentment and disinterest.

10. Be (a little) Wild and Free

Men don’t want to marry their mothers. They want to marry a woman who they have to run after. So, while routine and daily life are all well and good, don’t tie yourself down with apron strings. If you’re always available, at home and attentive to him, that’s not going to be very attractive. Go out, enjoy your innate independence and make him desire you.

11. Let Him Take the Lead

Equality is growing between men and women, but men and women are still different. And even if women feel comfortable making the first move, try to be patient and let the guy go first.

It’s not about being subdominant, subordinate or unequal to men. It’s just that men like to initiate and they like to do it when they're ready. By sticking to these 12 tips, you can help him make that first move.

12. Have Fun First

If you’re dating, you might be in the market for a husband. This can make you feel desperate. And if you’re desperate, you’ll act way to serious for the initial stages of a relationship.

So, instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to find the right one, just have fun. When you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll have an easier time finding Mr. Right, and he’ll have an easier time finding you, too.

Making a man yours isn’t about tricks and games. It’s about knowing who you are, knowing what you want, and being a confident and independent woman in the meantime. That’s the surest way to win the man of your dreams.

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