4 Hygiene Tips for Your Feet

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Many of us tend to take our feet for granted. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you really spent time cleaning in between your toes checking for any abnormalities? It’s just not something most people think to do until it’s too late.

Your feet carry you everywhere, so why wouldn’t you treat them as good or better than other parts or your body? They need the be cleaned and groomed just like everything else.

If you’re not sure where to get started, then let us help you with this hygiene tips for your feet.

Clean and Dry

It may be obvious that you need to clean your feet (especially after workouts or activities that render them more dirty than usual).

But what many people don’t think to do is let their feet dry completely before putting on those socks or tights. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, so make sure to dry your feet completely, in between the toes especially, before trapping them in shoes or socks.

Don’t Hide Abnormalities

A common occurrence is to hide discolored toenails with nail polish or just keep your feet covered in socks all the time if they have any problems or look different from normal. If your toenails are discolored, cracked, or layering, it could be a sign of a fungus, and covering it with nail polish could lead to an infection.

If your toes are misshapen or you have lumps on your feet, it could be bunions, hammertoe, or a growth. Sometimes you can have these problems without any pain and just think your feet are odd, but you should go to a professional like Teton Foot & Ankle Center to examine your feet. There might be a treatment option you didn’t know was possible.

Provide Proper Protection

Your feet need protection just as much as any other body part does. Make sure you are wearing proper footwear for different activities (like tennis shoes for running, etc.). Avoid sharing footwear with others too, as this could spread a bacteria that you weren’t aware of to you or the person you are sharing with.

Also, be sure to protect your feet in public areas, like having shower shoes in locker rooms. Even if every person who passes through has clean and healthy feet, the moisture of showers is a breeding ground for fungi.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Beyond protecting your feet with the proper type of footwear, it’s important to make sure that the footwear you choose fits right and is breathable. You don’t want your toes to be cramped and uncomfortable. Shoes that are too tight can cause long-term problems in your feet.

Because feet tend to swell throughout the day with more activity and we wear different types of socks with them, choose a shoe that allows for a little more room. Wide-nosed shoes are best because pointy shoes can cause ingrown toenails and calluses.

Incorporate these four tips into your daily hygiene regime, and pay attention to days that your feet have had it particularly rough so you can treat them to an at-home massage too.

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