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Multitasking mirrors are one of 2019’s big home decor trends. Up until now, mirrors reflect you and your home, and that’s about it. But now, multitasking mirrors have entered the scene and they’re doubling up as computers, windows, TVs, and even ironing boards.

So, if you haven’t noticed multitasking mirrors yet, you can expect to see them soon. But what exactly are they and should you have one in your home?

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What are smart mirrors?

WGSN, an authority on global trends, is telling everyone, “Don’t be surprised if come 2019 you hear your mirror telling you you’re running low on vitamin D or running late for that crucial meeting while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning!”

All of this is possible thanks to “smart mirrors.” And they come as no surprise. Along with all the other smart, in-home devices in our living spaces, it’s no wonder that mirrors are starting to be multi-functional, too.

But what are smart mirrors?

Simply put, a smart mirror works both as a mirror and a smart device. Thanks to smart technology, internet connection, touch capabilities, LCD display and LED lighting, mirrors aren’t just mirrors anymore.

Typically, the smart screen is hidden behind mirror glass, which is incredibly clear, giving you the ability to see yourself in the mirror and also see lots of helpful updates and information.

Why you should get a multitasking mirror

Most of us get our updates via our smartphones, but in order to use smartphones, you usually have to take a break from whatever else you’re doing.

When you’re getting ready for work in the morning, it’s a challenge to brush your teeth and check your messages all at the same time. We also run the risk of damaging our cell phones with all this multitasking.

That’s why a smart mirror comes in handy – it allows you to stay on top of everything and get your morning routine done on time.

For example, while you’re brushing your teeth, a multitasking mirror lets you see the weather forecast and current temperature. This is super helpful when it comes time to choosing your outfit for the day.

You can also review how your stocks and cryptocurrency are performing. And while you’re at it, you can read the latest news and double check your calendar events, as well as see any social media updates that are coming through.

Smart mirrors even give you the option to shop online, like the smart mirror/computer developed by Mirror Vue.

Are multitasking mirror screens hard to see?

If you’re worried about fuzzy or unclear screens, this isn’t a problem.

Two Way Mirrors has been developing smart mirrors for close to 20 years, and their smart mirror glass and acrylic technology give you a mirror with “superior transparency.”

Are multitasking mirrors hard to use?

To use multitasking mirrors in your home, you only need a smart mirror, your own TV, tablet or PC, plus an app, depending on the smart mirror brand.

Together, you can configure these separate pieces to have a smart mirror quickly and easily.

Lighten up your living space with a smart mirror

One reason why smart mirrors are such a clever trend is that most of us have a large, flat screen TV in either our bedrooms or living rooms.

Large screen TVs guarantee that you get to watch your favorite series in the comfort of your home. But they also guarantee that these screens are a big, dark box in your room, darkening the area and being somewhat of an eyesore when you’re not using them.

But with a smart mirror, you can have a large, flat screen TV for all your entertainment needs, but when you turn it off, you have a mirror that brightens and lightens the space.

Multitasking medical mirrors give you health reports

You’ve probably heard the question, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ But now with medical mirrors, you can ask the question, “Who’s the healthiest of them all?”

New technology allows mirrors to figure out your heart rate. This is possible thanks to two-way mirrors that have a computer monitor and camera behind the reflective glass. The camera tracks the light reflection from your face and sends this information to the computer.

The computer then processes this data and can calculate your heart rate. So, these smart medical mirrors not only show your reflection but also your vital signs and physiological information.

Why is this useful?

Well, for most of us, it might not be the tool we need at home. But for others, it can be a preventative measure and a good way to monitor vital signs if you’re at higher risk for certain health conditions.

Multitasking mirror windows

Apart from having “smart mirrors” that tell you your heart rate and weather forecasts, you can also have mirrors that double as windows.

Thanks to a light-controlling sheet that affixes to the glass, the mirror can quickly switch from being a mirror to a window in just a few seconds.

This is useful because when you switch from window to mirror, you also limit the amount of light coming into your home. This can help to keep your home cooler during warm seasons.

Another reason why a mirror window is useful is that if you live in a small space, or prefer a minimal lifestyle, mirror windows are an efficient way to have your window and mirror occupy the same space.

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Multitasking mirror iron boards

For some of us, high-tech smart mirrors feel like a natural next step in our homes. But for others, the idea of a mirror that tracks your vital signs is not only too high-tech but also unnecessary.

And like all trends, some people like them and some people don’t.

And if smart, multitasking mirrors seem a little too extreme for you, there’s another way multitasking mirror that might interest you.

Say hello to mirror ironing boards. When working as a mirror, you get a cool, oblong-shaped mirror. Open it up, and you have a free-standing ironing board.

This is a great alternative for people living in small spaces, or for people who prefer a minimalist approach.

Multitasking mirrors can be incredibly high-tech and “smart”. Or, they can be as simple as a hidden ironing board. You get to decide how to follow the 2019 trend multitasking mirror trend in your own home.

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