5 Easy Outfits for the Mobility Impaired

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When you suffer from poor mobility, simple things like dressing can become a whole task within themselves. If you regularly spend longer than ten minutes dressing, these easy outfits should help.

With the right clothing anyone can dress easily. There are those among us who cannot bend to put their socks on, or to pull their trousers up. There are those of us who need help dressing, and who remain undressed on the days that help doesn’t come. These 5 easy outfits are more like hacks on how to dress yourself, even when poor mobility or disabilities prevent you from finding a fit for the day.

Other tips for those with mobility impairments who have difficulty dressing include using clothing aids such as button hooks or dressing sticks. You may choose adaptive clothing, choose elastic over tight fits, and opt for side opening clothes. Here are the 5 outfits you should have to hand for days when you must fly solo.

The popover dress

A popover dress is a great option for women with mobility issues. It goes on over your head and that’s it. If you buy a popover dress with thin straps it makes it even easier to pull on. Without sleeves, you don’t need to put your hands up in the air. Popovers look cute, don’t have any fastenings, and are suitable for everyday wear. For nighttime add a necklace and a belt. It really is that easy.


There may be days where you cannot stretch down to pull up your pants. A tunic is a great investment here. They operate in a similar way to the popover dress. Pull it on over your head. You can get them with elasticated necklines, too, which you can pull on from the ground up. As with the dress, add a simple belt to give definition. These are suitable for men and women. If you can add leggings or loose-fitting dark trousers underneath it smartens the look up.

Adaptive clothing jumpsuits

These are the best. The adaptive clothing jumpsuit was designed with the differently abled in mind. These have that nice elastic waist, Velcro or magnetic closures, and no buttons or zips. This single item dresses your whole body. They are comfortable and come in a range of styles.

The wrap around dress

Wraparounds are the most comfortable thing you can wear. Similar in feeling to going out in your housecoat, they hug your shape as well as giving plenty of breathing room and ease of use. Make it a jersey wrap in winter and buy yourself a nice cool cotton wrap for the summer. They are simple to wear and always look good. Though you can investigate shape wear if you are able and feeling self-conscious.

Elastic waist shorts, trousers, and skirts

Elastic waistbands are your friend. You can easily pull them up, which allows you to use a dressing stick to put them on without any bending or fastening. They don’t have any parts that will dig into you if you are sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

Regardless of your mobility status, you should have the option of stylish outfits that enhance your day-to-day life. Seek comfort, ease, and don’t be afraid to buy the outfits that you like. A good seamstress or tailor can adapt any outfit to your pleasure.

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