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Before getting to the main topic we would like to make it clear that this article is in no ways propagating using drugs or any substances that can result in addiction.

Cannabis is officially the “new black” of the beauty industry. Despite how controversial the topic is, there is a lot more to this plant than one might imagine and thanks to several factors it has spread rapidly.

Now that more and more states are having marijuana legalized, it is not uncommon anymore to see surprising products here and there.

Beauty is no different – you can find cannabis in facial creams, lotions, lip balms, hair care… The list can go on. So what is all this fuzz about? What makes cannabis stand-out? Is it just the controversy around it or are the rumors based on true, factual benefits?

Difference between smoking cannabis and using beauty products containing cannabis

The number one fear of most is the fear of actually getting high or harming your health with a beauty product containing cannabis. That couldn't be further from the truth. Cannabis doesn't have to be consumed just with a joint and this is where cannabis-infused topicals come to play.

Topical cannabis comes in different forms of lotions, oils or other products that can be applied to the skin. The topical binds to the CB2 receptors in our bodies that are activated by the cannabis compounds.

Topicals can't get to our blood and they will only bind to the receptors, so there is no way to get a high from it or any other effect that could manipulate with your mind or body.

What can cannabis beauty products do for you?

When consumed in a topical form, cannabis has surprising health benefits. Until now, cannabis has been used actively for relieving pain, reducing inflammation and fighting against other health problems but now the same effects have shown to be beneficial for your daily beauty routine as well.

Here are some of the benefits cannabis topicals can provide you:

  • They are antioxidants. Cannabinoids are antioxidants, hence they can assist in preventing skin aging and damages by the UV rays or any other factors.
  • They can fight inflammation. As previously mentioned, cannabinoids are powerful anti-inflammatory measures. That is one of the reasons cannabis has been used quite widely in eye creams – they are effective when it comes to reducing the puffiness around the eyes.
  • They are great anti-aging measures. Thanks to the antioxidant characteristics, they help to fight against irritated skin and reduce the damages the skin has to face daily.
  • They are rich in omega-3. Believe it or not, cannabis topicals are a great source of omega-3s as well as magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Cannabis beauty products vs other natural herbal beauty products

One important factor to understand about cannabis topicals is the difference between hemp and marijuana itself.

Hemp or more correctly industrial hemp is the form of cannabis that is used for producing and selling any cannabis-related products – hemp in fact is the legal form of cannabis. It contains far less THC (actually less than 0.3%) and that is the main factor that helps to understand the difference between these terms.

In reality, there is not much difference in hemp-based beauty products versus any other natural beauty products. Cannabis topicals are in no ways harmful and quite contrary they have proven to be immensely helpful thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects and vitamin-rich characteristics.

When you are thinking of testing something new, it all depends on your preference. Let's say you are looking to get something soothing, hydrating and moisturizing – Aloe Vera based moisturizing cream will do the trick. If you are looking for something to heal damaged skin or protect sensitive skin from the UV-rays, smoke, dust and other factors, a high-quality hemp-based cream will be perfect for you.

It depends on your need but when it comes to anti-aging effects and fighting against inflammation, it is definitely a safe choice.

Even better is that cannabis beauty products are usually affordable and within anyone's budget, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank for this one – a regular hemp-based anti-aging face cream can cost around twenty bucks. Pretty good investment for healthy, glowing skin, isn't it?

Where to buy cannabis beauty products? Know the difference between quality products and useless mock-ups

As with any skincare or other beauty product, it is crucial to make sure what you are buying comes from a reputable source. There is a lot of controversy still rolling around cannabis topicals and there are many taking advantage of the gossips, hence there might be some who have decided to make their own products using cannabis.

Using products that have been bought from an unknown source or a manufacturer you can't find on Google, is a lost cause – you might put your health in danger by using products like these. Therefore, make sure you are always buying your skincare products from trustworthy shops.

To make this a little easier for you, here are 5 awesome hemp-based products & brands that are manufacturing these products professionally – you can find the real deal from the selection these companies can offer.


Kannaway company and the luxury brand Cannabis Beauty Defined are probably the most famous of the bunch as the company has revolutionized in producing cannabis-based beauty products.

The product range is huge – they have everything from toners and cleansers to salves. If you are looking to test some hemp products, then this is one of the most reputable manufactures you can find in this niche.

The Body Shop Hemp Body Care Products

Who doesn't love The Body Shop?! They have the cutest selection of hemp body care products – among those are cannabis-shaped soaps and even a manicure set!

If you'd like to pamper yourself, then the Hemp Hand Moisture Butter is one great idea – and it smells divine! The Body Shop hemp product line is also available online and it is one of the most affordable solutions, so everyone can get a taste of this beauty sensation.

Hempz Body Care Products

Hempz (what a clever name!) is another great manufacturer, bringing us innovative body care products that are infused with completely natural hemp seed oil. Oh and the smells they have – melon, honey, vanilla, peach, raspberry … They have everything you could imagine from shampoos to conditioners and body wash, all of them selling so divine it is hard to just buy one.

Kush Creams

For those who would like to treat themselves to all-natural cannabis beauty products, Kush Creams is the perfect place.

Their eye creams contain the finest cannabis extract and essential oil, not to even mention an extensive selection of different scents they have available. Honey, bubble gum, peppermint, apple pie .. you name it, they have it!

Cannabis Basics Hemp Body Care

The last but not least is another trustworthy manufacturer who has been doing this since before anyone else. Not only do they have great products, among those soaps, scrubs, and bath products, they also educate the public on the topics of cannabis and its' benefits.

What do you think of this new beauty trend – are you onboard or have you already tested some hemp-based beauty products? Let us know in the comments below!

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