4 Reasons a Female Lawyer Could Work Best for You

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Have you considered hiring a female lawyer? How about an all-female law firm? There are matters in life where women only feel comfortable recounting their tales to other women. A female lawyer is a female-friendly space. Here are other reasons you should consider a female lawyer when you need representation.

Female lawyers are no longer the novelty they used to be. Times have changed and rightly so. Although sources differ slightly, the percentage of female lawyers in the US now stands between 40 and 51.5%.

This surge in popularity in women in law represents a broader shift in the nation. Law offices now recognize the importance of the female lawyer and what specific skills she brings.

Let us review those specific skills as reasons why female lawyers could be best for you.

Domestic abuse cases

One of the main reasons people seek out family lawyers in the US is because they need protection. DV cases see victims suffering such horrible fear that they end up going back to their bad situations. Seeking out a lawyer to represent your interests gives you a clear path out of your situation, mapped out to work for you.

All you need to do is stick to it and you could be free of domestic abuse. Research suggests that 1-in-3 women in Utah alone will suffer DV at some point in their lifetime – and that is only a single state. You can hire a female family law attorney Utah should you need one. Out of Utah seek out the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Sensitive cases

There are certain legal cases which women feel far more comfortable talking about with other women. It is not just about your story, either.

Sexual violence is a very real problem on a global scale. Women around the world are subject to rape at rates that would break your heart. When it comes to seeking legal aid, women can understand that plight. Most of them have lived it.


The reason we hire female lawyers for family cases is their approachability. Both children and adults are likelier to place trust in a woman during a divorce.

Since they are sensitive to the needs of the whole family, they can smoothly guide all members towards a happier conclusion.

Gender bias

When you are a vulnerable young woman who works alone and you claim that one of the older men in your office hurt you, gender bias says the man can shrug that off. A female lawyer does not have time for that kind of discrimination.

She will make sure you get the same treatment as the next person does. The law is about equality. Let them strive to keep it that way on your behalf.

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