What You’re Telling Your Guests Through Your Decorating

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Just like the way we dress, the way we decorate our home tells people a lot about us. People can usually tell if you are an extrovert or more of an introvert by your floor layout and what colors you choose to have around your house.

Here are a few different things in your home that tell people about you.


Counters that have nothing on them tell guests that you like things to be in order and put away at all times. This gives a feeling that people aren’t allowed to touch anything in your home and you might notice people tend to sit rigidly at your counter or on your sofas.

Keeping a few things on the counter means you like people to feel welcome in your home and to stay a while.


It might be hard to believe but the amount of seating you have in your home says a lot about your personality. If you have lots of extra chairs and couch space then you are most likely the type of person that likes to entertain. You want people to feel comfortable when they walk into a room and to make themselves right at home.

If you tend to minimize the number of seats you have in your home you are most likely an introvert. You don’t necessarily love having people over and you don’t want them to stay and make themselves comfortable.

Floor Plan

People who want others to feel comfortable in their home often have open floor plans. An open plan lets guests feel like they are welcome because everything is out and available for them to see. More enclosed rooms tend to feel a little cozier.

If you prefer this floor plan you probably aren’t big into entertaining and like having only one or two friends over at a time.

Bright Colors

If you find yourself leaning towards the bright, loud colors then you probably embrace change. In fact, you might seek it out. You either travel or wish you could travel.

Every person you meet is a friend and you are constantly seeking out even more friendships. You like your life to be kept busy and moving.

If you'd like to start attracting this sort of energy more, try incorporating bright colors with some fresh artwork. Extra large wall art with bright artwork could be one simple way to brighten up your home.


Do you find yourself drawn to large mirrors? Not for self-centered reasons, but because you love the effect they have on a room. You’re probably the type of person that likes the outdoors. You are seeking for a way to help your small space feel open and spacious to your guests and yourself. With a mirror, the room tricks the eye to think it is much larger and less confining.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another way to make your home feel inviting. They tell a guest that it is alright to sit down and make themselves comfortable. You like when your guests stay a while and chat with you. Not only do your pillows add character to your home but they also make your house feel more homie to anyone that enters.

If you hadn’t realized the impact a few extra chairs could have on a room then maybe it’s time to get a few more, or possibly you’ll want to add a mirror into that small living room of yours. Whatever you do, remember that it is important to be uniquely you.

It isn’t a bad thing if your home communicates the way you feel. It’s just one more window to your soul.

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