11 Evergreen Fashion Items You Should Have in Your Closet at All Times

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Trends come and go, and it’s fun to build your style with new trends. But if you do that, your wardrobe is constantly changing. And that can be pretty darn expensive. So, if you love experimenting with new trends, have fun – but not before you invest in these 11 evergreen fashion items.

Why is it so important to have evergreen fashion items? The truth is, even though there’s an endless stream of trends hitting the market, there are still tried-and-true pieces that never go out of style.

You can buy them today and know, that in 5 or 10 years, they will still feel relevant and classy.

So, what are the top 11 evergreen fashion items?

  1. White Oxford button down

You can’t go wrong with a basic white Oxford button-down shirt. It’s essentially timeless, and what’s more, it’s incredibly versatile. Wear it to work underneath a colorful cardigan, or tucked behind a fitted blazer.

White Oxford button downs are also a great piece for casual outfits, too. Wear them with a pair of skinny denim jeans, or over black leggings for a laid-back look.

This Port Authority's white long-sleeved shirt is a great place to start.

  1. Blazer

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Some style experts will tell you to invest in a black blazer, but we disagree. The truth is, not everyone looks good in black. For the right women, it looks bold and classy. For everyone else, black weighs you down, makes you look tired and robs all the color from your complexion.

So, even though a blazer is a smart evergreen fashion item to have, don’t limit yourself to a black one.

Navy or other shades of blue might work perfectly for your complexion. Grays and earth tone shades may also be more suitable for you.

This Calvin Klein's single button suit jacket is a wonderful choice.

  1. Plain white tee

A plain white tee is a girl’s best friend. Sure, you can find tees with all the bells and whistles, but these are trends that will look outdated next season. And while you might bulk at paying a bit more for this “boring” piece, it will look great year after year.

So, don’t be afraid to invest in a plain white tee. Look for basic sleeves, simple necklines and a good length for your body. You’ll be able to wear this with casual and dressy pieces alike. You can also wear your favorite jewelry to snazz it up. Not so boring after all!

For an affordable and classic plain white tee, check out TheMogan's basic round crew neck stretchy cotton tee (and it comes in many other colors besides white too!).

  1. Ballet flats

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Style icon, Audrey Hepburn, wore ballerina flats and women have been following in her steps – literally – ever since. You might want to avoid trendy colors, but classic shades like black, nudes, navy and earth tones can stand the test of time.

Ballerina flats are a great fashion item to have because you can wear them with literally everything. From denim to trousers, from A-line skirts to body con dresses. They also look great with shorts, rompers, jumpsuits and more. And if you’re a practical bride who likes comfort above all else, ballerina flats might be your perfect wedding footwear.

Sam Edelman’s circus ballerina flats in classic nude are adorable and refined, all at the same time.

  1. Striped Breton tee

The epitome of French girl fashion, a striped Breton tee will look good in your wardrobe, too. Wear it with jeans and trousers, or tucked into a pencil skirt, and voila! You’ve got a timeless outfit.

This basic tee by WSLCN will do the trick.

  1. Classic trench coat

Trends come and go, but not the trench. This fashion item has real staying power. What’s more, it’s a great transitional piece, perfect for spring and fall, when we’re not really sure how to dress for the changing weather.

We’re into this double-breasted trench coat by Via Spiga.

  1. Slip-on sneakers

Skip the laces and slip into some laid-back sneakers, like Vans or similar. And while this style of shoe embraces every trend, along with the latest colors, prints, and patterns, you can just stick to basic prints (think: leopard, polka dots), and colors (think: red, black, navy and white) for a shoe that works year-round.

The best choice: Vans slip-on classic sneakers.

  1. Even-toned denim jeans

There are endless washes for jeans: bleached, sandblasting, tinting, faded, distressed, etc. And it’s perfectly acceptable to have some of these trends in your closet. But always have at least one pair of even-toned denim jeans at hand. They can be dark or medium color blue, but the simpler the better.

These Indigo Society's classic skinny jeans are a timeless piece that you can wear year-round.

  1. Elegant pumps

An elegant pair of heels will never fail you. Wear them to the office, parties, formal occasions and special nights out. Elegant pumps are a must. Black is an obvious choice, but nude, beige and navy are other classic colors, too.

Sam Edelman’s Hazel Pointy Toe Pump is a great choice, and so are these Nine West Flax Dress Pumps.

  1. Tailored trousers

Some stylists will tell you to invest in a pair of black tailored trousers. But since black isn’t a one-size-fits-all color, it might not be the best style advice for you.

So, if black brings you down, you should definitely still invest in tailored trousers, but just in a different color.

What about navy, gray or earth tones? Whatever you choose, be sure it matches with most of your wardrobe so that you’re investing in a piece you actually wear.

Amy Alder's business casual pants are affordable, plus they have a great fit and are absolutely office-appropriate.

  1. Little (Black) Dress

Thanks to fashion icon, Coco Chanel, women have been taught that every closet needs to have at least one little black dress. And while that definitely worked for Chanel, and for millions of other women, too, it might not be the best style for you – yes, even though it came from the likes of Coco Chanel.

By all means, invest in a good L(B)D, but it doesn’t have to be black. Instead, choose a color that makes you and your complexion look absolutely fabulous.

Héloïse de Sy, also called “The little black dress specialist” has an amazing selection of cocktail dresses in every possible color, for example, you can opt for this sleeveless V-neck pleated party dress.

These 11 essential, evergreen fashion pieces work amazingly well in every wardrobe. Which one do you want to add to your closet first?

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